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  • Christian,
    I believe they are using DJI now having found best results with it over several other systems (including APM2).


    I think you have it a bit wrong, they aren't engineers, but there is a lot of time tweaking this setup, messing with things like battery redundancy, center of mass and the way that it affects both flight and gimbal control. As you add more variables to anything the number of permutations quickly grows. I can see how it would be easy for someone to scoff at this having built a quadcopter. For them, as filmmakers first, and not engineers or programmers there is a higher barrier of entry. They own their drones in the sense that when something breaks they figure out how to fix it. I would argue that they are proof that this isn't a skill from birth, but that it is the work of determination and a dream. I think the way they have customized their ford connect is the focus, more than the fact that they fly a Red camera, (which is pretty impressive). Put 50k in the sky then talk, even more try operating that thing in tight confines or over water, it has way less agility than a small quad due to its weight. That shit takes balls. That being said, yea Hollywood is all about appearances and selling yourself, but I wouldn't overlook the fact that they do this 24/7. Doing anything as a hobby isn't the same as devoting full time to it.

  • heheh this is ssooo cheesy lol

    They make it out that flying these things is some kind of skill assigned at birt, guess you have to sell yourself when advertising lol.

  • It must be nice not to have to apply for flight permits.  It puts a real damper on just pulling up and flying wherever you want. 

    You have lots of options and shooting locations when working illegally.   

    However the Van conversion is great!

  • If I may ask what auto pilot are you using?

  • This is one of the most inspiring video i have ever seen. They don't fly drones for living they live to fly drones. I remember when i was a 10 year old kid kid about 18 years ago and asked santa for a remote control plane. Then I started imagining the plane and along with imagination many drawings came up along with the most important drawing of my life... Where the plane had a camera suspended underneath it.. That really took off my anticipation for my Xmas gift but i only ended up receiving a small indoor remote controlled car since these gadgets were way expensive back then or not invented yet. After years of spending in universities and doing things that were accepted from the rest of the people I managed to get a job that has nothing to do with what i studied and at some point years after what i imagined as a kid i finally took off with an HD camera onboard and fortunately i don't have to find words to describe the feeling of it since everyone here is familiar with it. I hope in the near future i will be able to sit down and script this story into an isnpiring video for others to watch and empower their failed efforts to get up there and do what we do better... Telling stories with the use of drones same like Drone Dudes do along with many other drone based filming studios. 

  • That is really cool

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