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I am a computer engineer, and I like to mountain bike.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I am interested in avionics, computer vision. I like quadcopters, tilt-rotors, and lighter than air vehicles.

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fix8oscill8 commented on Ian Lyons's blog post The first van customised for a drone
"Christian, I believe they are using DJI now having found best results with it over several other systems (including APM2).

I think you have it a bit wrong, they aren't engineers, but there is a lot of time tweaking this setup, messing with…"
May 16, 2013
fix8oscill8 replied to John Campen's discussion Barometer issues and PID tuning
"Even though I see no reason why this would affect it, it seems like temp is being sampled too often according to the comments in the code, if anyone can give me an explanation on this I would greatly appreciate it…"
Apr 19, 2012
fix8oscill8 commented on Chris Anderson's blog post LA Times op-ed: Overturn RC rules and make UAV hobbyists get licenses!
"The saddest part is that the dude is an EE professor at UCLA, you would think that there would have been some understanding of basic logic there"
Mar 27, 2012
fix8oscill8 posted a discussion
I have gotten my APM 2.0 (purple one) and it is assembled with the software loaded and is ready to go. The issue I am having is that I am unsure of how to mount it safely on my F450 Flame Wheel Quad (from DJI). I see there are these spacers,…
Mar 21, 2012
fix8oscill8 commented on Andrew Rabbitt's blog post Slow Flight with APM - mastering the PID on the edge of stall
"Very nice!
Why did you tweak the .css file instead of the AP_PID code?"
Mar 13, 2012
fix8oscill8 replied to fix8oscill8's discussion AP_BARO Code Confusion in v2.4
"So looking at AP_Baro_MS5611.cpp file it appears that the MS5611 code was copied and used as a template to make the BMP085 code, which explains the comment, however there is still a state value used here, instead of a boolean or something simpler,…"
Mar 8, 2012
fix8oscill8 posted a discussion
I have been taking some time each day to read a bit more of the source in the hopes of hacking on my apm2 when it arrives shortly next week. I was looking at the ./libraries/Ap_Baro/AP_Baro_BMP085.cpp file on line 103 is the AP_Baro_BMP085::read()…
Mar 8, 2012
fix8oscill8 posted a discussion
I have a smaller 850kv motor (probably like a 2215 not sure if that size is spot on), that had its wire get cut, I had previously soldered a bullet connector to it and to the esc, it got cut again and the length of the wire is decreasing. I am…
Mar 7, 2012
fix8oscill8 posted a discussion
I have a dx7s and the DSM2 receiver, do I need to buy the spektrum adapter to attach my receiver to the newest ardupilot (I have yet to get it :( ), is this just a line level shift issue? Just to be clear this is the purple integrated board…
Mar 2, 2012
fix8oscill8 posted a discussion
I really like APM and the ArduCopter code seems to be well done. But I am interested in computer vision and want to use a gumstix overo tide to do processing. Since there is so much power in that platform it seems unnecessary to do something like…
Jan 18, 2012