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  • yes prop balance is very important and a determinant factor in vibrations! You need to be very carefull when selecting props since there are some variations from brand to brand. on the 10x4.5 range and 8" inches also some cheap brands sell props that come veery unbalanced and the prop hub comes tilted.. what i mean with this is that when you put the prop on a table top you will notice that one end of the prop is closer to the surface of the table than the other.. and believe me that causes a lot of vibration! with APC props i have noticed that they come almost correctly balance, but nothing that a piece of tape can solve!. I will try the GUI props also!

  • I find the Gaui 8" props are really well balanced right out of the bag, I still balance by adding tape over the leading edge but its usually really close already. 

  • yes, i've these motors. Thanks to all for the info !!

    More mistakes, more experience i get :)

  • Is it these motors?


    They're recommending 8x3.8~9x5 (3S) props.  These motors probably won't swing 10" props for long without overheating.  Balancing the smaller props will help a lot.  You'll get more stable flight with less drifting.

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    Hi Guido,


    I find the props make a huge change to the copters, We have been playing with loads of sizes and brands on a HexaCopter here, some have been much better for "smooth" flights, some have given longer flight times and some have made no real change! However these findings changed when we moved to another camera on the HexaCopter, we had added more weight with the larger camera, so had to go over all the same tests again, and found the right match for the pay load / frame / motor & flight controller we are using.


    I know this is not an answer to your question, more a guide to say you need to check and choose the right prop to get the job done for you and your copter :)





  • ok, i will try, but i read in some forum that with 1100kv motors i must use 8x4 propellers. It's right? Or I can use all type of propellers if balanced?

  • Guido, you will notice a big difference once you balance the bigger props. 

  • Alex, I have Tiger motor MT2208-18 1100kv.

    Ellison, I haven't balance the propeller in both cases, but i tried 8 propellers of 10x45 and the results are the same in vibrations and noise

  • The bigger props are more often out of balance compared to smaller props.  Have you balanced your props in both cases?

  • What kind of motors you have?

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