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  • What plastic/composite frame is that that Alan has? 

  • That quad in the end has some mad oscillations.

  • It doesnt matter if the end of the video isnt anti drone, the first two minutes are about how drones are watching you and/or planning to kill you. How many people do you think are going to watch the whole 22 minutes?

  • Other than the price I liked the way the drone plugged together if one  arm takes a hit you just plug in a new one

  • Chris good work!

    We all need to be active and demostrate the hobbyside, diy-attitude, innovation, science, - all the good side of drones.

    I always discuss with people when flying my arducopter. People are interested and in a positive way. Let's interact and be the people flying the drones. People do care people.

  • 1. If you watch the whole thing you'd realize it's not anti drone

    2. 3DR robotics(DIY drones) agreed to be in this video.

    3. Chris Anderson (founder and in the video) has posted it here himself saying it was a video that he liked.
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