The new forums need YOU!


By now everybody must be aware of the excellent new wiki's that the team has been putting hours of work into and really doing a fine job of it. You might have also seen the Community drop down menu at the top of the page at under that you will see a links to here and APM Forum, this is where our forums will migrate to over time. 

Stefan has done an excellent job of improving the functionality of the forums, making it less spammy in the process.

Its attracting questions from wiki users now and as such we need some more of the experts that hang out here to be on hand to help new users there.

The platform that this website uses is about to undergo a major change and this will give us an opportunity to make this site a little more curated with the best of peoples builds and ideas getting more attention. 

So come on over to the new forums and lend a hand. 


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    The website is not running under NING:-)


    TCIII Admin

  • ...but ning BLOWS!!!!

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    Ok PM me with the email address you used to register and I will see what I can do.

  • Put me down for whatever it takes to improve the mobile site!  Its difficult to follow and interact with.  I'm really digging it on G+ plus though.  Diydrones forums should stay just that,  DIY.  Personally I think I like the direction all this is going.  Admin is simply responding to the needs of an ever growing community.  These changes imho are increasingly needed.  Also, the content being created by this community needs to be better organized.  At least someone is stepping it up and doing it for us.  Thanks!

  • The wisdom of using phpBB3 will be seen with time... Ning is a wholly inefficient forum software.

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    Do not like the "new" search either!! search for motors or Motors... found nothing... search TigerMotors  found one entry with also the word motor right there... how is this better again?

    ... flightlog, but can do a log (which settings for log? Default?) Vibrations on X,Y between +1,5 and -1,5 Vibration on Z beteen +8,5 and -11 Motors: TigerMotors MN3110 with 11" Carbon Props APM 2.5 is placed at CG/CL Distance to Motors =30cm Stable Hover and Loiter. At Full Throttle Copter is ...
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    oh another "thing".... why is it so important to show date joined for users when they post? I always felt that this is a cheap information to display.... go with starts for ranking if you attribute some kind of sense to the date joined or the number of posts but to me it feels very amateur.  (told you it will be hard to win me over!) 

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    I liked the fact that was connecting using my google account... can we do that too over the new place? also I would like an option to change the black/dark background... If I am to stare at this for 8 hours + a day it better be gentle on my eyes... :) got used to the current color scheme since last "revision" will the new one also support "avatars"? I like to see people face (when used for avatar)  :) makes it a tab bit more personal...

    and yeah... cannot rest 2 places at once... so you NEED to migrate the content from here, still a lot of great information and then cut over and go to the "new" place... 

    Anyhow... even if I love to hate nign platform (mostly for the search - or lack of it) I still like it more than the new one... hey I am here really 8+ hours a day, reading a lot, posting when I can/feel I have something to say / help... so will give the new one a shot but the acceptance cycle will be long to win me over! 


  • My point was finding information in a forum is difficult and that getting the dynamic knowledge from the forum to the Wiki is critical. 

    Apologies I did not notice there was a 'search' link below the search text box that is only for the forum.

  • Jon:

    Did you use the Wordpress search or the forum search?

    Forum and Wiki are 2 totally different concepts. Wikis are totally useless if you want to give the user a possibility to ask specific questions and look for help for a specific problem. And that is what the forum is for! Interactive communication between people, not static one-directional information flow.

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