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  • Since apparently they aren't planning on sales until just in time for Christmas, they still have some time to sort the stabilization and latency issues.

    Pretty sure I know what I'm going to want under my tree though.

  • Developer

    It's great to see someone try the digital image stabilization and I guess it's quite hard to get right.  If you're not trying to make beautiful videos to stick on youtube perhaps it's ok,

  • The controlled range must be fairly small. If you need a big antenna to receive the video and see what and where its flying, then you must have no control, because the drone itself would need an equally big antenna for it to receive stuff from your phone.

  • It would be great if they showed more of the "live" view to the phone rather than recorded stuff edited after the event. I cant help but wonder how lagged and choppy the experience is.

  • Props near your face is the only way to enjoy the beach!
  • I love it! However, not for me. Being so light, I think this little thing would get thrown around in the wind quite easily. On the plus side, when/if someone runs in to something like a person, it probably won't do much damage. 

  • Agreed Rob, that stabilization was kind of rubbish towards the end.

  • incredible!

    does it possible to use his own radio

  • Interesting stuff.  The design looks surprisingly like a miniature version of my H8 octocopter.  You'll notice they employed clean frame/dirty frame design, which would be a big part of the reason it has no jello.  But I'm surprised the stabilization isn't better.  A lot of shaking going on.

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