Introduction to the Orange Hawk Project from Stephen Carlson on Vimeo.

Presented here is a VTOL aircraft design that I've perfected over 16 months, and intend to release as an Open Source project with design plans and code. Initial details:

Wing Span: 1000mm

Area: 21.5+2.6 dm^2 (Elevons)

Quarter-Chord Sweep: 30.0deg
Airfoil: MH45 with Root: +2.0deg Tip: -0.5deg

Material: 21.0kg/m^3 EPP

Equiv. Rotor Diameter: 500mm

Flight Controller Based on MultiWii 2.1

All-Up Weight: 1.2 kg, Theoretical Maximum: 1.5 kg

Designed Fall 2012

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  • Excellent ! might want ti wrap the motor wires to the boom I like how it took off when you got to altitude !

  • Cool, I'm working on a VTOL concept too, but for fast speed.

    What about put a pusher as rear rotor and make it tilt backward/down to get a trimotor ? :D I love the concept.

  • Looks pretty cool Stephen.

  • Really nice! Thought about something similar and now it's already reality!

    As Fernando said, it will save a lot of energy while flying fast and long distances but lacks nothing of the quadcopter benefits. This concept has good prospects. Carry on!

  • Hi Stephen , 

    that is a great step ..an hybrid bt a plane and a copter ..it will save lots of energy and time bt waypoints ..genial.

  • Is the tail motor tilt angle permanently adjusted at some inclination ?

  • Great concept !

  • Looks and flies really nice Stephen! Congrats!

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