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    A copy-cat site adds NOTHING to the open-source community.
    To suggest that it does by bringing down the prices is short-sighted.
    They spend nothing on R&D and send buyers to 3DR and DIYDrones for help.

    Our community has amazing volunteer groups contributing improvements in software and hardware continously, groups which would not exist if not for the encouragement and vision of Jordi and Chris.
  • When I order a product, I don't want "luck" to play any part in the delivery or quality of the product.  I also don't want to do business with a company that is dishonest.

  • @Mauricio This GoodLuckBuy is really nasty! He even copied the 3DR customer support practices as well. Sorry, couldn't resist.

    Even if you don't care about 3DR putting some $$ back into R&D (and I do), I still don't think the price diference is worth the risk. 3DR has a lot more experience manufacturing the APM for sure.

  • I would never recommend to buy from GoodLuckBuy... there's a lot of complaints about them.

    I have ordered twice and I was lucky things arrived complete. Second order I just got reply on the status of my order after like half a dozen emails. They packed my orders terribly...they just throw things on the box.

    I was lucky my orders arrive complete, but many people out there haven't been so lucky.



  • @Lefebvre, making the hardware cheap would grow the community. That is one advantage of using open source hardware.

    I'm not a fan of GLB. There are lots and lots of bad reviews about them. Also they should do something about the name as Chris mentioned. 

    Kudos to 3drobotics for making such great hardware. But then again, we should welcome more and more cheap hardware..!! (of course working hardware!). 

  • @Andrew, IMO, simply copying the hardware brings nothing to the community.  If they had made some improvements, while still allowing use of the open source code-base, now that would be something.  For example, look at what Roberto Navoni has been doing.  He's made a board with the power of the STM32 chip, but made so that it runs Arducopter.  

    APM itself is an adaptation of an Arduino board that makes it more suited as a flight control board, etc.

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    @Jason: yes, thousands of hours of consumer research and thousands of R&D $$ went into the colour schemes!
    Ha, ha, ha.
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    @Jason: Finally a comment that makes sense! :o)

  • Why so much hate to GLB - aside from the trademark infraction (which is not cool but easily fixable by the look of it - it's not on the board itself) what have they done apart from building an open source thing?

    I'm assuming the thing works of course...

  • I would bye from 3DR even if it is more expansive.
    This incredible community, its products and support must not bent with rip-off of ohters.
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