The Techpod featured in leading hobby magazine


Hi all,

The Techpod and Arudupilot has been prominently featured in the leading nordic hobby magazine "Allt om Hobby" in a three part series on FPV and autonomous flying.

This second part has a nice build log and part three will feature how integrate the  APM into the airframe.

The article can be found at rctech.se and for all of you who have difficulties reading swedish we offer a 20% discount on the Techpod kit at www.rctech.se.  (use code techpod20 when checking out)

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  • They seem to have glued their servos in the wrong way round. If the servos are glued in with the spline closer to the control surface then there isn't enough space to fit the linkage correctly.

    I know this the hard way!

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    That is the cover for the boom fastening parts. No room for payload there.

    I don't know anything about V2 at all. 

  • "RC Rech" it looks like there are 2 down facing bays, one right beghind the one seen open in the picture. or is that something else 

    and how is it going with the V2 pod ?

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    No, the reviewers blew their minds by the sheer beauty of the plane and mixed up the numbers...

  • wel they must have reviewd an unreleased  mini model, maby a dogfighter model.
    if you look at the specifations you can se that it only has an wingspan of 26.6 cm

  • 100KM
    Wow! Awesome. Thanks RC tech for getting the techpod into a magazine.

    A couple notes: the dome is acrylic not polycarbonate (lexan)
    A 3d printed camera "cartridge" for the bay area wirh operating doors is next in line on my development road map.
    I am currently developing a small 36" ws flying wing. The prototype will be ready for test flying this weekend. The design goal is a mostly crash prof uav platform weighing less than 500 grams capable of 45 minute flights while carrying a camera like the canon s100.
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    Great aircraft when made well, I see too many where folks hang stuff off them and destroy the point of all the aerodynamic work though.

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    The front globe on the other hand is made of Lexan. Same material as in motorcyclehelmet visors.

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    I would not consider the plastic cover something to be "optical transparent". You will have to DIY something that fits your needs. Maybe an "bomb bay door" solution or similar. 

  • I see - thanks. Could not see this clearly from the website photos. Any idea whether the clear plastic cover will create any distortion in the photos? This is often a problem with clear protective covers. One solution is to measure the distortion and process it out of the photos, but less or no distortion is always better.

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