Today, my TrIMUpter v1.0 has successfully done its first outdoor flight. This is a VTOL Tricopter fully stabilized by the ArduIMU+ V2 flat and (with my firmware TriStab v1.0). No external gyro here, only the ArduIMU on board... The TrIMUpter is able to flight outdoor and indoor.

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  • Sir

    sorry this is my file roll_imu attached


    Yash Kumar3692736057?profile=original

  • Dear Jean sir,

    I am a student from mechanical engg. I am building tricopter. I saw you code tristab_v21 and tried to implement it on different microcontroller (i am not very good in electronics and programming). my prof gave me Mag3 IMU. Now I am not able to get the read_ahrs() values. some value is keep adding and my roll is not coming back to zero value.

    this is my data

    now what gain or anything i have to set?? please help me as I have to complete my project by showing stablization of tricopter.


    Yash Kumar

  • Very nice work! Is it possible for me to achieve flight using an arduinu uno, ArduIMU v3, and three 14 Amps batteries???
  • Developer

    Hello John, Thanks for your update. My latest firmware of TriStab v1.2 already include these feature. GPS halt hold, realtime downlink to the hand held GCS (ArduStation) via a Xbee Transceiver and full compatible with the HappyKillmore GCS. With some minor update that you can do, you may store some waypoint list in the eeprom to play a flight plan.

    More info in this blog:

    Regards, Jean-Louis

    Full autonomous flight of the TrIMUpter UAV with automatic landing


  • Very nice work.  I am interested in your efforts...I desire to automate my current tricopters for waypoint navigation and real-time monitoring via a GCS such as the Happy Killmore.  When do you think yours will be flying waypoints?
  • Developer

    Hello Magnus, thanks for your comments. I haven't modified the ESC, they are common Esc. At this moment I uses a KKmulticontroller with an Atmega 168 and the firmware (XXcontroller_KR_1_4a)  is able to drive the ESC up to 400 Hz without problem this is one of the reason of the stability of the Quadcopter. In my QRO v6, I use 30A ESC from RC Timer (see below)


    Regards, Jean-Louis

  • Nice work!

    Have you done any modifications to your esc:s? (like i2c, removal of low pass filter etc)


  • Developer
    Hello, you will find below a video from some tests flights done on nov 7th, 2010 evening in windy conditions with the latest version of the TriStab firmware v1.3:

    TrIMUpter with firmware v1.3 tests flights from Jean-Louis Naudin on Vimeo.

    Regards, Jean-Louis
  • Developer
    Here some photos of the TriIMUpter v1.3 in action taken yesterday evening during some flights tests in windy conditions.

  • Developer
    Hello, after some troubles with my HMC5843 triple axis magnetometer due to a programming error during a test. My magnetometer has lost its working setup and has given crazy datas... So, I have needed to build a special programm to put the correct factory setup... Now, my HMC5843 is working properly and able to give good datas... You will find my HMC5843 setup and test program here...
    No Bug, No fun... Happy building and dev, Jean-Louis
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