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  • The turns looks so nice! Congrats on a video worth bragging about.
  • Very nice video. Also great to see an IMU autopilot flying a wing (the only autopilot I want to use on mine will have to be IMU based). I had no idea about the price tag! I'll have to look more into the devboard.
  • Hi Billu Bhaiya !

    Now there is time to focus on the application of UAV Dev. Borad 2 on CCPM Heli.
    Billu Bhaiya, pl. convey my best regards and lots of compliments to Ben Levit also.
    This guy seems seems a typical scientist, who always and always be deep inside his work., rarely comming in forums and even not findi ng time to reply also.

    You are the Guru but the contribution of Ben Levitt in this projects is incredible, hats off to Ben Levit as well !

    There is scope for Ben to make the f/w have much better interface with Ardu Ground Station through X-Bee.
    Billu Bhaiya, you can also focus on Quadrocopter as you promised me some times back, for that I will be your test pilot.

    Thanks & Best Regards

  • T3
    Thanks for the congrats. And, once again, I thank the rest of the team (Paul, Ben, Peter, Bryan, Rusty, Adam, Adam, Sid, Rana, etc., you know who you are.) There is an incredible group of great guys who have made major contributions to the project. In fact, at this point, I am not doing much at all.
    By the way, $150 is for just the autopilot board. You will also need a GPS, either the EM406 or a ublox, and a programmer.
    Best regards,
    Billu Bhaiya
  • WOW,Bryan,way to go , I watched the other video too.
    Did u say 150$ complete ? Then there nothing to talk about :)) So if I am desperate to find a fault/issue then I can see(feel) left wing is little heavy may be!! Billu Bhaya , Congrats. on IMU AP new firmware.
  • Developer
    Nicely tuned controls. Looks super. Congratulations.
  • Very impressive video! Way to go!
  • Pretty amazing performance from an IMU based autopilot that sells for only $150.00.
  • Leaves me speechless ...
    Congrats !
  • T3
    Thank you.
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