Thermal imaging system for drones

I would like to introduce a thermal imaging system for drones and UAV systems made by european company Workswell s.r.o.

Basic parameters

Workswell Thermal Vision Pro is high-end and unique wireless thermal imaging solution with two cameras and storage for unmanned aerial vehicles, quadrocopters or drones. This lightweight system offers a maximum resolution of 640 x 512 pixels and a temperature sensitivity of 0.05 °C which ranks to the best on the market. You can record continuous video, take images and save data to storage for later analysis.

More information is avaible on our website:

Some advantages of system

  • see in a day or night, even in complete darkness
  • radimetrics data recording
  • see through the fog, thick smoke and partly through the vegetation
  • all the data are sent wirelessly to the operator’s controller
  • one touch system for saving all images at the same time

The aim of the whole system is the simple transfer, storage and processing of radiometric (temperature) data directly from a UAV (drone) and displaying the data on the screen of the remote control in real time. The system offers three picture modes that can be set by the operator using the keyboard prior to take off. During the flight, the operator can switch between the modes using the UAV remote control.

Vayage on YouTube

Building inspection:

Chasing the Bad Guys :)


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  • Moderator

    If anyone is interested, I managed to get the SEEK THERMAL camera to stream via WiFi using a Raspberry Pi 2.  I'm next going to try to see if I can connect an analog video transmitter to it for IR FPV.  (The Pi has an AV out on it). 

    This would be the only sub $500 solution for IR FPV that I have seen.  On the Pi it can also record to an SD card.  

    I'm scaling the 204x156 image up to 640x480

  • Dear Doug, Yes, we know that company and we cooperate. Our solution is for instance compatible with FLIR TOOLS.

  • Have you seen this company which sells a IR device?

  • Michal: please, send email to, he will send you a price, that depend on system configuration

  • TBD: We can send a price, but the price depend on configuration, please feel free to ask my colleague Marek Rohacek (, he is a product manager.

  • And they don't have the viable range beyond rubberband shooting distance. These longer distance ones are all in the range of 8k USD and up. The niche that needs to be looked at is like a .8-2k model. Thats why I say if SEEK ever make a second line that isnt merely a refinement, then theyve probably got a good lock on the market.

  • 100KM

    Just a pity Seek don't make a drone friendly version. Not entirely sure how I'm going to get live video out from my Android phone.

  • Hi TBD

    For the hobbyist and DIY market, the Seek IR imagers seem to be the way to go:

    They are considerably higher resolution than the similarly priced FLIR One smartphone model.

    Unfortunately nothing exists at a higher resolution at this time that is even remotely affordable for hobbyists and casual users.

    Best Regards,

  • Honestly, nothing all that new. Same idea with little variation and sadly, same prohibitive if-you-have-to-ask-you-can't-afford-it-and-we're-not-going-to-post-it pricing.

  • Gerard and Michal, I am going to send PM.

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