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  • Please at least support something that isn't a f-ing GoPro!!!  as much as I love my GoPro Hero 3 Black, a gimbal that is designed ONLY for a GoPro is a waste of money and development time quite honestly.  I have specialized optical cores that I would like to fly so please offer two brackets (like one bracket for the GoPro and the other for a standard 200g point and shoot... also make the bracket adjustable so you can center the lens to the two axis. (Unlike DJIs crappy gimbal that has the lens center way off center even though it is made only for GoPro Hero 3.. oh and $1k in price)

    Sorry but not everyone loves GoPro, but there sure is a lot of people that want to fly other cameras ones with a standard mounting screw.  Other cameras for real utility work and not just shooting pretty fish eye pictures and video.

    This just seems like a rip from the DJI gimbal with a bit better design.  There done with my rant and 2cents... okay more like a buck fifty.

  • Can't wait for the 3 axis version.

  • I definitely want/need one too. When it will be in store?

  • +1 on that Peter. Same gimbal with optional mounting plate.

  • gimma a plate I can mount a NEX camera on!!

  • Moderator

    Very cool, are you also going to be adding some sort of vibration isolation like the one that UnmannedTech are selling?

  • Yes please, i want one for my Skywalker X8! Will mount it upside down.

  • WOW, I totally want one !! 

  • The controller was designed in-house by Sam, he based it off the Martinez.
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