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  • Justin, I hate to interrupt your celebration  but at this point you are only competing with yourself. Did you forget that you and Joe are the ones who built the 12-rotor that is in the original video? As I said, it was running on 3s, so it's safe to assume that with 4s power it would be able to get out of ground effect with the McMaster weight. Is that the only difference with your lift, or did you change something else?

    If I was going to design an airframe for this competition, I would put my money into a traditional heli. I'm interested to see where Robert sets the bar!

  • It should be more than just a contest of brute force. We should make it more useful. Maybe we pick a fixed weight and measure endurance while lifting it.

    Something like: How long can you hold McMaster in the air?

  • Nice!

  • Joshua, GreyHawk Maxi just grew.  :)


    Still a work in progress, not operational yet.  700 size, with 44% more disk area.  And technically it's a multicopter now.


  • I think I see just the motor you need Robert:


  • There is no way some Canadian with an old fashioned whirly-bird is going to show us up ;-)

    I think we should make this interesting, let's come up with some challenge guidelines and make this a contest.

    What do you think? 

  • Challenge accepted. :)

  • 3D Robotics

    I think they weigh around 8 pounds.  That's a pretty hefty load.

  • Sounds like a very angry swarm of bees.

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