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  • Good info. Thanks.

    Wow, nightmare there. Glad it came straight back down.

    The community here needs to helped Mike Oborne with a parachute servo trigger for sustained high altitude drop rates of  > 10 seconds. Or something similar. :-)

  • If it's under 15 days, you swap it out in the store, after that you have to send it to the warranty location.

    My first camera lasted 1 day. Started climbing straight up and then it was non responsive. Thought I had failsafe for RTH but it was actually on hold last input. According to the altimeter it went to 6380ft AGL (we are at 3400 ASL) before it came screaming down. It was gone for about 10 minutes before it came screaming back to earth. Only missed the launch spot by about 30 yards. Destroyed the camera so we didn't even have video to watch.

    Waltzed into wally world and said it was broken. They got me a new one from camera dept.

  • Hey, that's a good idea Kurt!  How quick is the turnaround on that?

    Or do you just go back to the photo dept and pick up a new one?

  • If you buy it at wally world you can put accident insurance on it for $50 and they send you a new one no matter how it was damaged. I have used it twice now.  :-)

  • Have two Coolpix cams in that same category. Not nearly as knarly tho. 8-o

    This is a problem with the extendo motorized lens stack digital cams. Slightest bit of sand or nudge out of alignment and they are toast. I would not recommend flying them unless you are willing to replace regularly. Looking at the Cybershot TF-1 or the Coolpix AW100 shock and weatherprooof models now. (protected lenses)

    Of course a lot of you hobbyists are flying a lot more money on those gimbals than this.

    May all your landings be...perfect.

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    Paul, no SD card was in the camera at the time, it has 16MB on board memory and was set on low resolution.

  • I think the original quote came from Maximilian Robespierre in 1790 "On ne saurait faire une omelette sans casser des oeufs."

    I think there was also a problem with CHDK on that flight and no photos were taken, I'll have to ask John on Monday.

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    I'm not kidding either, the camera was in a camera trap which some lions managed to open and they then chewed everything, not only the camera. I just wish I could get the photos off the camera's internal memory.


  • 100KM

    ^^ haha! We have a winner :)

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    a lion chewed my camera...

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