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  • This is actually very easy, no special flying skills required.  Just a nice result of multicopter physics.  Here's my quad, long time ago:

  • This one is fake for sure. Check out 1:32  then 3:27.  Levels are way different.

  • I am not saying this can't be done.. I have see some universities demonstrate amazing quad aerobatics but looking at the video there is more water in the cup later in the video than that started... which to me points to this being fake.   I am not saying you can't do something similar using a flight controller or other means.

  • No this is not fake. Aeroquad did the same thing to promote their software. Its all about momentum, you will see all movement's is smooth movement's.




    It seems like there is more water in the glass later (4:36) in the video then at the beginning (0:46).  At the beginning of the video right after he pours out a bit, the water level is below the halfway point.. later in the video its clearly above the halfway point.



    Sorry to say but I think this is a fake.   There is more water in the glass at the end of the video then that he started with.

  • I remember a thread about this from way back. I was under the impression that this ability was inherent in all quadcopters, maybe all multicopters? Anybody willing and able to go out and try it?
  • I want a flip-with-glass-button in ArduCopter now! :D

  • Haha, I expected my comment to be misunderstood, I was kidding.

  • This video is clearly fake, you can see how he brakes the laws of physics

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