Tilted Contra-Rotating System / Vertical Frame

Here you can see the first "flying" prototype of TCRS UAV.

PID tuning need to be refined to have a smoother flight and video.

The frame is 3D printed

Lipo 3S 4400mAh ;

Maxxprod CR2816 with 2 x 20 A controller ;

2x Futaba S3155 digital servos ;

Custom flight controller (see http://vgrsystem.free.fr) ;

2 props 9x7 ;

GOPRO Hero3 Black Edition ;

TBS BOSS 200mW 5.8Ghz video Tx ;

Below is a scheme of the system.


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  • @VGR, thanks for the info. I didn't know there is such motor available. I always wanted to build a coaxial rotor and this maybe the way I want.

  • @XinH, yes the upper prop is connected to the lower motor. The lower prop is directly screwed to the upper motor. But i didn't design this part. You can find this kind of motor here:




  • @VGR, I've watched all the videos in your website and they're very cool.

    What I mean is the coaxial coupling, which are the components number 106 and 108 shown here: http://vgrsystems.free.fr/?page_id=130

    Do you have one motor with hollow shaft so that you can connect the propeller to the lower motor?

  • Xin H, do you mean a video?

    If yes you can see the mechanism working on this video below:



  • This looks very nice! Do you mind sharing the coaxial counter rotating mechanism showing how it works with your motors?

  • Hello VGR,

    the sketch is made in SolidWorks CAD. For similar sketchs you can use almost any 2D CAD... freeware or regular.


  • Thanks a lot!!
    The good link:
  • I really like this concept. Congratulations. Apparently, the link doesn't work.

  • Very cool!

  • Petr, thanks and you're right, i don't know but maybe the system is finally not so rigid or it accepts some torsion (minimal because i think that the additional distance is maybe less than one mm). below is the system working. and commands are actually very smooth and precise. 

    what software do you use to make these kind of drawings? regards,

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