Tiny Thermal Cameras for drones...


My first post here, and I'm going to hype my company and its products. I hope you will go easy on me - I'm assured that what we make is of interest to the DIY Drones community!


My company, DRS Technologies, manufactures a small Infrared Thermal camera called the Tamarisk 320.


The camera has a resolution of 320x240, is smaller than a golfball, weighs less than 35g and consumes <1W of power. 

For the past couple of years we have run the DRS Student Infrared Imaging Competition. The SIIC is an open-format, incentive prize competition for students who use thermal infrared imaging in a creative way.  The top project wins $10,000.  For this, the competition’s second year, there is an additional prize category for “Most Viral Video.”   This year DRS received 25 entries, of which 17 include a video for the viral competition. 

Videos range from art projects to drone projects, and all kinds of odd and novel topics in between... 

The viral video playlist is available at:




...and competition details are available at:




Let me know what you think.





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  • Has anyone looked into the M-1D?

  • *bump*

    Just wondering if there was any new information on this as its been almost a year.


  • It would be of interest to the kite/archaeology community too if it was cheaper:



  • Paulino, the problem is that Mikrosens does not answers the mails.

  • Can you email a quote?


  • Ah men, mee too. I first used my yahoo mail and after 3 days I used the engineering co. mail I work for  and no answer. Totally agree on the fact that this is no good... The car modules seem to be the more affordable stuff at the moment. Still crazy expensive to go back to resolutions we abandoned a decade ago but... I'll try to find a chinese alternative meanwhile.

  • I just came across this:


    They claim to be ultra low cost. We'll see....

  • At least here in Finland you can buy the car modules for around 1500€. Cams with lower resolution and/or lower framerate are not ITAR restricted if the manufacturer produces them for "commercial applications". If the manufacturer produces them for "military applications", They are ALWAYS ITAR restricted.

    Anyways, the car modules are NOT. It's just that the ITAR regulations are a bit complicated and most US sellers are too stupid or too lazy to check/understand them or they just don't care.

    If you call the European office of FLIR in Holland, they will tell you a dealer in your area. They are quite nice!

  • The camera looks amazing. Super small super nice video quality, but when it comes to price.. it´s always the same ***t. I dont know what is the problem, I assume its a matter of production scale, but is quite hard to consider to put a cam that is 3-5 times the cost of my whole hexa. They should cost 500-600€ And then I would consider putting this little diamond on it, it would be probably the most expensive part but hey, what you get is soo cool.

    I found a car flir on e-bay at good price and found myself again with the issue of the out of US export. grrr. No way we can find a good priced thermal IR here in Europe.

  • I am simply waiting for something like this.

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