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by: Elliot Williams

A Japanese protester flew a quadcopter with a symbolic amount of soil from the contaminated Fukushima region onto the roof of the Prime Minister’s office in April. Although it was a gesture, it alerted the Tokyo police department to the potential need to be able to pull drones out of the air.


Simply shooting them down won’t do — think of the innocent bystanders on the ground subjected to a rain of quadcopter parts. The Tokyo police’s solution: catch them in a net, flown by another quadcopter, of course.

We can’t embed it here, but go click through to the video. It looks like the police are having a really good time. How long before we see drone-net sets under the Christmas tree, or quadcopter-tag leagues? We’re uncertain of how far the Battlebots in the Sky movement got.

We have no shortage of yahoos driving quadcopters in the States, of course. From interfering with fire-fighting aircraft to simply flying too close to commercial airplanes, people are doing things that they simply shouldn’t. We’ve been covering the US government’s response that finally culminated in the FAA making rules requiring medium-weight drones to be registered. Watch our front page for more on that next week. Fly safe, folks.

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  • Just jam the GPS and watch it gently land itself.

  • How about net gun ?

  • Developer

    If the bigger copter with the net had vision based tracking of the little copter then it might have a chance.  I don't think a pilot flying manually has much of a hope of catching the little one.

  • I'm making a BIGGER one to catch theirs. lol

  • This is hilarious, ridiculous. They would never be able to catch my copter in that net......


  • LOL !!!

    How to transform a 2Kg menace into a 10 Kg crash.... Considering you can deploy this "circus appartus" in 5 minutes anywhere , without warning....Does anybody really believe that is a serious option ?

  • Developer

    They are going to catch tiny flying objects using another flying object and a small net.. Well good luck with that.

    Anyone who has ever played with combat r/c will tell you that even when both pilots are trying to hit each other in mid air, it's actually really hard.

  • 100KM
    Looks pretty easy to dodge that net. So each police officer will need one, be trained as expert pilot, have enough time to deploy and not have the target pilot make the slightest effort to evade. Surely the money can be spent better.
  • follow-up since edit button disappeared


    Now we need to learn a drone to shut down motors if caught to get propellers and motors protected - fail-safe and

    alert owner with geolocation data.

  • Excellent,

    Catch a Drone Game

    new game, excellent.

    It looks like the Tokyo Police has invented a new cat and mouse game and challenge

    and captured drone doesn't look to be hurt.

    @Cala played once airborne bowl

This reply was deleted.