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  • This just isn't a viable idea.  Ocean flows consolidate most of the trash into the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch".  So if you really want to get that garbage you need to go there.  One look at it should tell you that it's a job for a fleet of huge sea vessels with thousand ton cargo holds and miles of nets, not a tiny battery powered toy sub.

  • And if it does not scare the fish away then you have got an expensive fishing rod, and much better than sitting in a boat for hours on end waiting for a bite !

  • If you made it look like a big fish would it not scare the fish away !

  • Univer. of Alaska is using vectorizing software based edges of light and shadow..then it becomes an inventory of shapes that matches the inventory on board the unit...if there is a match it will execute its mission parameters but it doesn't matter if it fails in its objectives all it matters is that the unit is in the water navigating obstacles that was the original objective.

  • Some sort of image recognition system like Google Goggles I imagine. Or a molecular vision "eyes" molecular construct of.water of living organisms differs from that of the dead. Perhaps a weak version of x-ray's / compton effect ?
  • How can a robot reliably identify plastic trash in the sea? Seriously, maybe a conducting tester made of two tips where some current should flow? And how to localize the in the infinite vastity of the waters?

  • Curious if someone threw you three million dollars, could you actually build this rendered ship? Or is just a concept? 

  • The rendered image is excellent 

    Solar fabric makers in the US... then produce this baby in the US.... voila a Henry Ford of our own! 

  • Many people come to this site without any previous experience with copters, even RC in general, all they have is the curiosity and will to learn more about the subject. These people seem to find their way pretty quickly and many end up with a flying copter eventually, usually without having insulted and/or blamed other hobbyists in the process. If everyone else can do it, so can you! Just check out the URLs that were linked earlier and using some common sense wouldn't hurt either. And the people trying to help you out are ordinary un-paid hobbyists and volunteers that want you to succeed.

    Good luck!

  • Moderator
    Personally, I am not a "tech", nor am I affiliated in any way with 3DR... But I am offended by your comments and attitude.
    You have been given several links to the info you asked for, and still sound petulent.

    You seem to not understand the basis for this site DIYDrones, and that of 3DR store.

    dIYDrones began as evolved as an experimentors' site sharing info among those interested in learning and building new technologies involving UAVs.
    Soon several members decided to pool resources and order parts and IC boards for the DIY community. Eventually as their abilities grew they became 3DRobotics.
    Any software and the wiki containiing help files and suggestions were posted by volunteer members of DIYDrones.
    You purchased parts from 3DR and have been pointed towards the wiki and pdf files which are meant to help the assembly of these parts. Links which were there to read on the same page as the items you clicked for your purchase.
    Where did you ever see any mention of ready-to-fly?, since you ordered an un-assembeled kit, and more importantly, WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?
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