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  • It's terrifying and awesome all at once
  • What could possibly go wrong :-)

  • I love seeing new ideas in this area, so let me give praise for the post. Thanks!   I did chuckle at "compact form factor" and "intact inner space" though. I mean, having to haul something on the roof could be applied to anything, and usually isn't a plus. Nice spin though!

  • Moderator

    Ummmmm +1

  • Ummmm…. most vehicles don't have a front hand brake. Can you imagine the insurance claim? "Vehicle landed on my foot shortly after which aircraft impacted the roof of the vehicle and caused said vehicle to roll forwards down the side of nearby cliff dragging launching structure into telephone lines which uprooted the telephone poles and lead to local telecoms outage….."

  • Lol nice!

    Kudos for idea and design.

    But launching a 10kg aircraft can be done much simpler without the safety risk, size and complexity of such a frame. I also can't imagine the tow-ball being manufacture rated for those type of upwards loads. Do you have to buy a SUV that fits the size/weight of your UAV? 

  • Developer

    +1 for cool. 
    +1 for novel use of car's weight to become the trebuchet's ballast.
    -1 for risk of dropping car on foot.

    still looks to be in the +'s to me.  :-)

  • Wow.  Interesting concept.  But it looks terrifyingly dangerous.  I've got a lot of experience winching off road trucks, using a "Widow Maker" jack, etc, and I would never use this thing.

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