TRI Trial #1 - Successful enough for now

I couldn't get the software serial to work properly, so I am sharing the serial.
This does mean I have to remove the signal wire from pin 0 every time I want to download a new program, but it's doing what I need.
1) Reading the ArduIMU+V2's data stream
2) Sending to the PC for a bit of feedback
I'll be picking up a MEGA soon...

Today was the first trial of the TRI, purely to see if it could lift off, cancel yaw, and maybe stabilize the platform a bit without any PID control.
All servos rotate based on ground_course, scaled and limited to +/-45degrees from vertical
Thrust 0 = (Global "lift" offset from RC throttle input) + (small correction from IMU pitch feedback)
Thrust 120 = (Global "lift" offset from RC throttle input) + (small correction from IMU roll feedback)
Thrust 240 = (Global "lift" offset from RC throttle input) - (small correction from IMU roll feedback)

I found these handy velcro tie-down things - This beast may be uglier than the Ugly Pink Quad could ever hope for.

In the video, when you hear me laugh it was because my finger slipped and ripped off one of the power capacitors on the RoMeo...............Quick check: Power still there? Yup! Servos glitchy? Nope! EDFs armed? Yup!
The show must go on!
Obviously the battery needs to be shifted a bit for the next shot. :-)

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  • Unfortunately, Life(tm) redirected my energies for a while.

    It's beckoning from my office.

    It's not dead yet :-)

  • Did you ever get this thing into the air?

  • Next step: PID control for platform stabilization.
    I think for further testing, I'm going to hang it from a bungee in the middle of my living room.
    An angry beast like this one needs a short leash.
  • On a development scale of 0-Doing nothing, to plus10-Flying waypoints autonomously and returning with a Wendy's Junior bacon Cheezburger, or minus10-Ripping a ducted fan off it's mount, followed by exploding in lithium flames on the carpet, I'd give it a plus 2.
    Successful enough for now :-)
  • It sounds angry! I like it.
  • successful   . .. ?   it face planted mercilessly!
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