Full autonomous flight of the TrIMUpter UAV with automatic landing

Here the video of the 1st full AUTONOMOUS FLIGHT of the UAV TrIMUpter with AUTOMATIC LANDING controlled with a 9 DOF IMU and a GPS...
Electronic setup used:
- ArduIMU+ V2 flat (a 6DOF IMU)
- HMC 5843 triple axis magnetometer
- GPS EM406 SirfIII
- 3 brushless motors Hextronik 1300 Kv, HXM2730-1300
- 3 ESC Hobbyking SS Series 8-10A
- 1 servo Corona 919 MG 1.7kg/ 12.5g/ 0.06sec
- 1 Lipo battery 3S1P 11.1V 1500mAh
- 3 propellers CCW GWS EP0843
Firmware: TriStab v2.3 JLN
More info at:

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  • I know this is two years old, but I'm trying to do this with the ArduIMU V3.  I got it to give correct attitude, but it will only arm one ESC.  When I move the IMU, that motor reacts but I dont understand why the other ESC's wont arm.  Here's the debug out for the radio.  I had to change MIN_THROTTLE to 850.  Why does it only arm one ESC?3692473352?profile=original 

  • Developer
    Hello Dody, for the 1st autonomous TrIMUpter flight under control by the GPS, I done any change in the hadware setup (it is clearly showed at the beginning of the video from this blog). This is the same hadware setup that I have used with my firmware TriStab v2.1, see below:

    I have only improved my firmware and conducted a fine tuning of the PIDs...
    Regards, Jean-Louis
  • Hello Jean-Louis, you can poster some photographs of your last version to see the material establishment and the diagram of connection.
    Thank you
  • Developer
    Hello, Dody. In this test I have used my firmware v2.3 which is the main v2.1 that I have released. I have just added some 3D nav points and modified some PID values. In the new version, I have planed to add an additional Arduido board or a simple Ardupilot board (to get more memory) linked to the ArduIMU. In this case, the Arduido/Ardupilot board will act as a navigation controller and the ArduIMU will be used as the flight controller.
    The Arduino/ArduPilot memory mapping will be fully compatible with the previous mission planner that I have used with my Cularis UAV ( see here for more info about this )

    So, this will be a very low cost setup...
    Regards, Jean-Louis
  • Hello Jean-Louis, thank you to divide your solid experiment.
    On.TrIMUpter, how you manage the automatic landing?
    Which software did you take to return points GPS for your course?
  • Developer
    Hello to all, ( merci à vous tous pour vos commentaires, je réponds en englais, car c'est la langue courante dans ce forum )... Thanks you very much for your comments. At this moment, I am conducting these researches and experiments on UAVs only as a hobby because this is truly fascinating. Very often I offer my help to high scholl students and researchers to push forwards their UAV projects. FYI, in a recent professionnal past, I have also been a UAV designer and a UAV test pilot as job but not actually...
    Regards, Jean-Louis
  • Je continue en français. Bravo pour ça. Un vol 100% autonome, c'est vraiment quelque chose de remarquable.
    Sinon, comme tu es très productif sur plein de projets, je me demandais dans quel cadre tu réalises tout ça: c'est de la recherche universitaire? C'est financé par un moyen ou un autre?
  • C'est un ballet aérien d'une élégance à rendre jaloux.
    Merci de partager ces images.
  • Jean-louis ,bravo,bravo et encore bravo,je vais resortir mon arduimu et faire le meme .
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