Trust your autopilot!

This time I've take-off in manual mode and then switched to auto. The plane starts to fly as programmed, but wind slide it few meters away from the point. That time observers starts to panic and I (never do that again) switched to manual to turn plane back to me... That was the biggest mistake! I've should wait a bit more... Luckily, nothing was broken - plane disassembled itself into 3 pieces. 5 minutes to take it together without any glue and back to the sky!


Here is a video of it. It has few other flights I did that day.

Onboard video from MonZon on Vimeo.

After that accident I did the same mistake once - this time I could rescue the plane from tree only after 2 days =)

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  • @ d-creator, could you share your plans? I would like to build such thing myself. Also, is there a page where I can see your buildlog?

  • EPP FPV rules!! I'm also using this plane (90% finished with some improvements) Right now i'm making the electronics bay like the one on DIYDrones store but for EPP FPV.

  • Right now I'm flying AXN Floater. Also I'm planning to use APM on EPP FPV from HK and self-made flying wing.

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    What plane are you flying? 

  • There are variables to consider. (Sometime(s) < hopefully) the plane will land in a tree.

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