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  • Could you elaborate a bit, Kamu, on what is needed to switch the Mode 1 Transmitter over to Mode 2?  I'm new to RC and UAV's, and so if this is not the receiver I should buy (even though people are raving about the price), please let me know.
  • The mode can be set in the stock firmware. You will still need to do a hardware swap over the friction pad etc for the throttle gimbal.
  • Grrrrr! I wait a couple of days to order one and you buggers have taken the whole stock of Mode 2 models!


    Just out of interest, does anyone know if there is a software mod that can change the modes from 1 to 2, is will it be a case of taking the Tx apart and swapping things over? I really don't like Mode 1.

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    yes quick internal inspection would be good for this radio.
  • A mate of mine and I bought one. His aileron stick failed by showing all the way to the right. I suggested that it sounded like something was wrong with a connection to the pot. He opened it and a wire had disconnected. He was able to resolder it on and works fine again.

    As a precaution, when it arrives open it up and inspect the connections. And while it's open, solder on the programmer wires and load some decent firmware on there ;).

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    Yep TGY is darn good radio for the price.. I have been having one now about 6 months and only complain I have is about those switches but then again.. I they bother too much you can always go and by new and a bit better switches with few $$ and replace them..

    I have not replaced those yet. Mainly it's the nut and bad thread on few switches.

    After I got mine, i have not used my Futte 7CAP at all :)

  • I odered one last night. I have been using my old 72MHz Fatubu T6XH for my quad. Can't wait to get the proper # of channels. Let's see how long it takes to come in.


    Thanks for the heads up!

  • Awasome! Ordered one. Gonna put on it a corona dsss and 35mhz transmitters. With selectable switch of course.
  • finally back in stock i ordered one right away
  • hmmm i bought a 2,4 HZ 7 channel Futuba solution. Could have bought a few of these instead. Stupid or not: i went for the Futuba because i live in a citylike country with a lot of antenna's, computers, mobile phones, wireless networks etc. Can't afford a claim due to a crashing uav...
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