Turnigy G10 Outrunner - Hair Dryer & Thrust test

Motor: Turnigy G10 810kv

ESC: Turnigy dlux 55A SBEC

Battery: Turnigy Nano-tech 5000mah 4S1P

Prop: EPP1245 CF SF

I was expecting around 1.6kg of thrust per motor. My platform weighs about 5-6kg.
1.6 x 8 = 12.8kg for a 6kg platform is fine. With a 12x45 prop, im getting 2.4kg per motor.
I think I might have to add some weaponry or perhaps build a small cockpit for my cat!

Thanks to Karla for allowing me to test the "blow your hair back" factor.


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  • I would of held the motor, the only problem is A: I dont trust Karla completely with the throttle. And B: I dont have hair...

  • @Ellison: Geekness is indeed in the heart! Runs in the blood.

    As long as everybody is having fun safely, thats all that matters! :)


  • Karla, I'm cute.  That's why no one believes that I'm a geek, but geekness is in the heart.

    Eduardo, I'm sure that Gareth was not holding a gun to Karla's head.  She looks like she's having lots of fun, and those glasses are pretty tough looking, as well as Karla.  It's all a bit of fun.

  • Doing it like this won't work

    @ JOE: Yet it did... I truly believe that this method is better than the L shaped method. Im measuring centre line thrust, you are trying to measure prop wash.

    First of all. The prop is mounted upside down and blowing up and away from the scale (just like a pusher plane), so the thrust vector is on the center line of the motor shaft.

    Opposed to the L method, where the thrust vector is off centre if not set up correctly! Not to mention any lever effect generated by the L. They specifically put the motor on the L to keep the propwash away from the scale as it would cause erroneous measurments.

    All theories and debating aside.

    Here are some results that will put this to bed :)

    MY TEST: 14.8v - 10X4.5 Prop - 1570g Thrust

    HOBBYKING: 14.8v - 10X5 Prop - 1650g Thrust

    Its as accurate as its gonna get without calling in NASA ;)


    P.S. What safety issues? I had Chuck Norris standing by... ;)

  • Isn't a test like this flawed (saftey issues aside)?

    The prop will be pulling up but the air flow off the prop will be pushing down so you can't get the correct force.

    Most rigs use an upright bracket in a "L" shape with a pivot at the corner of the "L" so you measure the thrust and the air blows across and over the scale so it doesn't effect the readings.  Doing it like this won't work

  • My "Geeks" Dad is a Doctor. Good enough for me. Is he still a Geek if he's cute?

  • All Girls hugg your geeks they may become Doctors. ;-)

  • What do you mean by "this" girl? If it wasn't a hairdryer test I would have put a paintball helmut on!! Don't worry I am very wary of his experiments. I to, touch wood, have never broken a bone. I can see when something has the potential to go wrong and Gareth would never let anything harm me, I hope :) :)

    Thanks for the concern. Us African girls are tough!!

  • @eduardo: Only thrust results, 2.4kg in the 2nd video.

    Regarding safety, We were both wearing eye protection, and I had my finger on the throttle. Also the prop was attached with a 5mm nyloc with locktite. I made sure all was fine with the whole thing safely clamped in a vice. If in the unlikely event that the prop came off it would fly away from Karla. Perfectly safe, well just as safe as flying a quad at eye level a meter away.

    In all my endevours to date: from pyrotechnics/rocketry/modeling/firearm training/lasers/explosives synthesis etc. I have never had an accident! :) I am pedantic about doing things safely. The only thing iv ever broken is my wrist, rollerblading when I was 9...


  • hummmm very beatyfull girl ... but.... where are the results ?

    if you know the real dangerours this test can be you never do this with this girl.

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