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  • I like the TLog walk through!

    I'm trying to get a some data on voltage/current data based on various flight characteristics and the only way I've thought of to do that was to convert the .tlog file to a text file, run that text file through a c++ program to generate another text file, and put this final text file into Excel.

    I've written the c++ code to do this, but it only records time(indirectly), voltage, current, and altitude. I would post the code, but I can't find how to do that on a blog post. The current code is located in this thread (TLog to Friendlier Format). As I update the code the newer versions will be posted here:

    If you guys have any suggestions for the code please let me know!

  • +1 for some level of auto parameter checking and log analysis.

    I've written similar things for other industries, and in my experience the best way is to not overcomplicate it, just get started with one very simple, easily diagnosed issue (too much vibration in AccelZ would be a good example) and build up from there. As long as there's an easy way of adding on more test cases it will quickly grow to a useful tool.

    Perhaps a python module for parsing logs, and a simple python log checker script included with the Mission Planner, where people can see and edit that source (like the run script functionality in MP, although that seems to be broken at the moment).
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    That would be absolutely amazing! And save a lot of people time and money! Run, run!

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         yes, good idea.  There is a list of things I tend to look at whenever I'm going through someone's logs.

         What I'd really like to make at some point (or have someone else make :-)) is an automatic log analyzer.  So people submit their logs (perhaps through the mission planner) and a program is run over it and comes back with some basic analysis.  Anyway, walk before we run..

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    This is really of huge value! Thanks Randy

    A suggestion perhaps for the next one: How & where to spot common problems in the logs and their causes.

  • That was good. Learned a bunch of things. Thanks!

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