Twinstar fpv lost and found by girls.

Ever wondered what happens to your lost drone or plane while you are searching for it ?

Had to make an emergency landing with my fpv twinstar because it lost a propeller.  While I was searching for it, 2 girls found the plane, and their conversation was recorded by the still operational HD camera.  I was quite amazed by their technical insight and conclusions !

Enjoy !

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  • Developer

    My Twinstar engine stopped during Autonomous mode at the furtherst point away from home. I only found out afetr the plane returned.  MatrixPilot had managed to compensate for the one engine, simply because when off course, it put in proportionally more aileron and rudder. I was very pleased to know that loss of one engine still allowed the auto pilot to bring the plane home. Since then, I've switched from brushed to brushless engines.

  • Nice too see some other Belgian fly and recover their planes :P

    thanks to the nice girls!

  • T3

    @Lefebvre: I think it's more about the CoG vs center of lift that makes managing the A/C hard. I tend to think that yaw induced by the uneven drag is easier to control but haven't tested that with PPZ, so I'm just guessing.

    I'd be flying PPZ with multirotors as well but getting your hands on a complete Booz or Lisa/M system can be challenging if you don't want to make the boards yourself (that was the case a couple of months ago, at least). In the long run, however, I think that ArduPilot will best PPZ in most every way as more and more skilled developers start working on AP because of its popularity.

    OFFTOPIC: While we're at it, might it be possible to add a simple PD controller for the camera stabilization to the next arducopter release? Flying with a heavy DSLR really requires the D term. I have a hacked version of 2.7.3 with PD loops on roll and pitch and they help a lot with keeping the camera level. Also, increasing the mount stabilization loop rate (100Hz loop) and PWM frequency helps when using digital servos. I could help with the test flying if neccessary..

  • 100KM

    No APM in the plane, my APM is in my hexacopter.

    I'm fully to blame for the crashlanding, not ardupilot :-)

    My twinstar is also rather pimped, with stronger motors and bigger props.  On more then half throttle, the controlsurfaces won't be able to override the torque of 1 motor.

  • That's a pretty neat test, but note that shutting off that motor would actually make it more controllable, I think. Now the single motor operating is closer to the center of drag.

    U4, were you flying with an APM, or straight control?  Looks to me like simple FPV flying?  

  • T3


    It's a shame the Paparazzi project hasn't been as succesfull as ArduPilot. Still ways ahead of APM (when it comes to fixed wing A/C, atleast) but more expensive and not as user friendly for beginners...

  • Ah de mannen van Diest hebben ook APM :-)

  • Awesome video. Youre lucky it wasnt found by boys.

  • the "old bat" part was rather un-called for. It should have been thanks for not killing it with her shovel.

  • 100KM

    Propellor didn't break I think, it just unscrewed, probably by the long descend with high headwind.  I guess that made the prop drive the motor as a generator, slowly unscrewing it.  Prop and spinner nut were missing.  I haven't noticed any other damage so far.

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