Two funerals in one weekend :-(

How two Ardupilots died in one weekend.Yes I was so proud. I had a perfect working ardupilot. I was going to attach my just arrived Z sensor.Then Murphy law kicked in. When a friend was over I showed him my ardupilot. and the working.The positive power line of the lipo accu was not perfectly isolated and made contact with the back plane of the ardupilot.Yes it fried it. :-( . No swet I have a spare one). Solderd the headers tested the upload all fine. Now I needed to load the new firmware for the failsave. I dit this before and had some trouble but I managed. Now I really made a mistake. I forgot to power the arduino externally with the esc when I burned the hex and fuses and is not responding any more. So my attiny45 is gone now. So I just logged in the sparkfun site to backorder two new Ardupilots. And some xbee's end some other stuff.
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    Oops, my bad!
  • Hey Brian, maybe it's because my giant ATTtiny45 board looks like a dinosaur that you misspelled me "Retro"? ;-}
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    Unfortunately I have no pics, but results were similar to Jona's pics. After consulting with my friend (Mr. Certified Uber Solder Geek) for these he recommends using a sharp exacto to cut the legs off the bug as close to the body as possible. Then take the new chip and straighten the legs and Tin them. Carefully tin the legs remaining on the board and be carefull to not over heat them. It's bes to use a heat sink if possible. Using a commercail grade alcohol or board cleaner clean everything. Then carefully solder each leg of the new but to it's corresponding ... extension. Solder with a fair amount of flux to keep everything happy.

    My friend also noted how easlily the pads on these boards lift, which is why he recommends exaco knife (sharp), not small cutters and also quick heat/solder/move (don't linger w/pencil)

    That's what I was wanting to get my hands on another board with a dead attiny45 so I could document and share.

    Jonas: that was Retro that did the big bug replacement... The Doctor skillfully performed the "Addabugtoit" operation... Ok Ok that was bad!

    Anyone else have a board with a bad attiny45 that I can use?
  • Check out the ArduPilot schematics to make it clear. There's also a pic of the board connection lines somewhere, but I can't find it right now.

  • I have removed the ATtiny45 (not whitout some damage). Now I have 2 questions.
    1: in the left circle the top of the black (condensator) is that connected to the tirth leg?
    2: in the other circle looks like the first leg is connected to A8 or is that just mess I made?
  • To get rid of an ATtiny45, Chris gave me the perfect tip: cut the uC legs with small cutting pliers and then unsolder each leg remain individually. In my case I did not have such small pliers, so I carefully cut the legs near the uC body with an ActoKnife. But my work would have been better if I had waited for a right sized ATtiny45 replacement!
  • Brian you dit a nice job with your ATtiny45 (big). I dont know if that is still possible for me. I may have damaged the PCB while trying to lose the old one. Yes I will send some Picture's later. And I will go to the store to buy some electronic's that I also need but I dont know if they have a ATtiny on the shelf.
  • Brian, what went so wrong when you tried to fix it? Do you have a pic showing the result? Finally, it's a funeral thread where all of us could post some electronic failures or mishap.
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    That's funny and along the lines of what I want to try. If Jonas doesn't want his anymore I want a second chance at fixing one knowing what I learned while attempting to fix my last one, which is totally and utterly
    D E A D !!! (expecially after I tried to fix :)

  • Sorry Brian, I had a board with a dead ATtiny45, but I already replaced it with a new ATtiny45... wrong one, but new. And it works! Now I call this board the Buguino!

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