Two hour and 12 minutes flight by PEM fuel cell


This is really great accomplishment:-)

Montreal, Canada: EnergyOr Technologies Inc., a leading developer of advanced PEM fuel cell systems, recently demonstrated what are believed to be the world’s first fuel cell powered and longest ever duration multirotor VTOL UAV flights, flying for a record 2 hours, 12 minutes and 46 seconds.

I am not sure the actual battery on this quad.


Rated Net Output Power:                       310 W
Max. Continuous Net Output Power:       370 W
Peak Net Output Power (Take-off):        1000 W
DC Output Voltage Range:                  32 - 45V
System Efficiency @ 310 W:                     54%
Design Lifetime:                                   1000 Hours
Net Energy Available @ 310 W:             1790 Wh

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  • Ok, so... one year later and still nothing! Their website is a joke. When you try to send them an enquiry you get an error... pointing you to some google email. Although the specs are quite good. As much as 3x better energy to weight ratio compared to modern LiPos.


    And they claim to have a 20 hour endurance :O


  • I want one.

  • @Gerard, thanks for your comment!

    Actually I did a short ~1min take off before my record flight, but 2h10min are still less than 2h12min.

    Anyway, the guys done a great job.

    But, when it comes to fuel... I think there is much more potential in a fuel, which could be used more efficiently and cheaper, than with a fuel cell.

  • It's may very suitable for Amazon delivery drone. They aprooved FAA green light =)

  • Here's a link to the info sheet PDF for the EO-310XLE which seems to be actually manufactured by "Radiant Coral Technologies" in India.

    Looks like it is straight hydrogen fueled.

    And I am sure this is not an inexpensive solution, at this point in their development hydrogen fuel cells, especially room temperature ones, are generally breathtakingly expensive.

    This is very unlikely to be economically useful as a hobby (or even for most small business's) part.…
  • Website is down...what? 

  • I want one
  • Unfortunately, I could not find any video provided by EnergyOr Technologies Inc.


    And also they claim

    The output voltage range of the EO-310-XLE is
    similar to that of an 8 to 10S LiPo battery pack,
    which eliminates the need for any power
    conditioning between the fuel cell system and
    your propulsion motor (i.e. a heavy and
    inefficient DC/DC converter is not required).


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