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  • The bucket serves a s alanding skid for the mothership i guess since he used the original landing skids on his x8 Ecilop to perform the take off... Pretty nice project and very interesting. 

  • The bucket was there because he was doing payload experiments (with coke) to see how much it could lift, and at what amp draws at certain weights...  But the frame is designed to carry the Zenmuse and Retractable landing gear.  The Zenmuse and landing gear was on the X8 for this test (I believe he only has one of each).  But yes, at $30 per motor, that adds up to quite a lot!!!  :D

  • I suppose there is an application for this, the task is, trying to figure out what. :)

  • Im curious what the 16 motor flying bucket is for.

  • Developer

    The X16 copter is a study in efficiency. Ferdinand or "EndOfDays" is the same person who did the 65 minutes quad flight.

    The X16 uses the same efficient motor and propeller combination to see if it can be scaled up to lift a camera and still get very good flight times. X16 build log here

    The two stage copter is just an experiment he did, simply because he could.. :)

  • I don't quite understand it either, but I'm guessing stability and wanted weight/mass. Look at the flag, its a pretty windy day and yet the images are rock solid when they crafts are combined. Just adding a huge ballast will do that I guess, but you will also have to add lots of power and batteries.

    I like it, good job, but please clarify why and how and what the result is. :)

  • for a moment there I thought he was going to do something awesome like landing back on the mother-ship while it was loitering... 

  • What is the point or advantage of this?

  • Yup
  • and too much money

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