U8 large quad



After months waiting for motors and props, we finally managed to put our large quad up in the air!


It flies up to 56min and can currently carry nex 7. next one will be with zenmuse 5D! can't wait!


It was pretty difficult to get the right setting as the 29" props run very slow on those 135kV motors.


The copter flies really like a big truck! quite nice!



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  • What battery tech are you using to achieve those flight times?

  • That looks amazing, where do you get your props from?

  • has anybody else tried such large setup? if so which PID/settings have you used in the DJI autopilot?

    by the way, tried it initially with APM 2.6 and was ok in manual mode but rubbish in alt hold! changed to wookong and it is much better now!

  • helloe ultimate-uav.com is not yet up... (in approx. 14 days).

    this large quad will be part of a series of copters we are designing. the one on the video was the first one done on request (custom design) for a client :-)

    the frame is our design, currently the landing gear is fixed as this particular copter used a 2 axis gimbal (basic one) but our next 2 copters under preparation are:

    1) quad with zenmuse 5D and retractable landing gear (similar to S800). 170kV motors with 29" props and 6S

    2) X8 with custom carbon molded 3 axis gimbal and black magic pocket, retractable gear, 135kV with 27" and 7S

  • ultimate-uav.com doesn't work?

  • MR60

    What frame and landing gear did you use?

    What gimbal is it?

    Very impressive for sure. Did you try an X8 config yet ?

  • Very impressive

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