UAS Build, Airframe HK FPV 168


Well I just recieved my FPV 168 from The only damage I was able to spot from shipping was the tip of a horizontal stab. Here are my plans for the build.

I want to have a pan and tilt camera hanging on the underside of the fuselage. I bought the pan and tilt system from ServoCity. I got 2 continues rotation servos. My second payload will be a 12 mega pixel still camera to take pictures of the ground for mapping. 

The telemetry is using a 2.4 GHz with a 1W amplifier on the ground xBee.

I have allot of planing to do to get it up and running. Still awaiting all my parts to start the build. I will keep pics coming once i get started.


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  • Hi Joseph,

    Did you noticed that 900 mhz was the same band a many security camera systems, most official data channel for emergency services and also a used band for GSM's ???

    Just forget this band wich can use very high powered transmitters all around the world and simply migrate to any other not used by security or high emitting services, and you'll get rid of most of incoming troubles...

    For your radio Gear. FRSKY is good for FPV users that only uses 5.8 Ghz video transmitiing systems. So in this case, a clear area and an elavated point is always needed due to the natural reflection to ground effect of high frequencies.

    For a good job in flat coutries, you should be using 433mhz long range system fot the radio, and 2.4 ghz up to 100mw for video.

    If you need a powerfull system for 433 ans 2.4, just let me know. I can help to find a costless and effective system for your own...



  • Not the problem. It was the video 900 MHz. I have flown another plane with. The same set up minus the 900 MHz video and no problems for 3-4 months. The 900 MHz video at 800 mAh swamped the specktrum Rx and locked out the Rx. I had the antenna too close to the Rx on the plane. Completely my fault. I have a new plane now and will test 1 step at a time. I should have had my fail safe for the radio system to rtl not manual. I also have changed the Tx to utilize frsky 2.4 Sys freq. hopping to avoid a repeat. Specktrum find a freq and stays with it no matter if it gets interference or not. The frsky will change to another open freq to avoid a lock out. Many test flights in the future and I will keep you all informed on me findings.
  • There was your problem...

    "The telemetry is using a 2.4 GHz with a 1W amplifier on the ground xBee."

    "JR 9303 and AR 7000 stoped talking"

  • @ Joseph Millette

    Hi up here.

    First : You must first integrate that Failsafe is not a joke. You must configure it at all time and check it works before any flight (check list if needed).

    Second Whatever OSD you are using, the bests are also integrating falsaife detection and auto RTH. Auto RTH is just the only thing you might always have. Any good flight stabilizer like the FY31A has it, Dragon OSD and RVOSD too, many of them does... Of course, the Ardupilot too, but it's quite a little bit harder to configure.


    With such solutions included, and if your problem is not a mechanical problem, you will save your plane in most cases... This is also the only way to test your radio or video range...

  • Sorry to hear that mate!! Thought it was going to be a winner with your set up. With this hobby, there is always a failure mode waiting that comes to the surface.


    Have you thought about that big black Flying wing that is on HK?


    You would need a launcher of sorts, but looks like it has a very big bay.

  • Well the UAS 168 did not make it. My JR 9303 and AR 7000 stoped talking on the 2nd flight and down she came alsmost in slow motion. Everything else worked great, Motor, ESC, Batt, Plane, But the Radio gave out for the first time ever. I even did a range check following all the Recommendations from JR.

    Oh well *#@^ Happens... Its all part of the hobby. Looking for a new airframe now thats not on backorder.. any suggestions? 


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  • Sorry I am unaware of the empty weight, nor the full up weight as of now. I am planning on weighing soon. I hav completed the build and I will have some new info on the site soon. I have not maidened it yet as I have just completed it today.

    I will get some pictures soon and some flight info.

  • Looking like a fun build.  Would you happen to know the exact weight of the airframe as delivered from HK? As usual the sight does not give the actual weight of the aircraft.

    I have been thinking about one of these airframes as a FPV aircraft, but wanted to do some wing load calcs before hand to see what it can carry.

  • I finally recieved all my parts from China.... Yeah...

    Now the install of all my gear will begin.

    I will add more pictures as time goes on.

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