UAV 3d model

Yesterday we scanned an area of around 2 million square meters and made an Ortophoto model with DEM 3d output. The flight was 15 min long. As you can see from the 3d model we scanned an area with diverse terrain. What is fascinating here is that the altitude error is less than 0.5m. From these models we can calculate yearly wood volume changes, we do landslide analysis, do research for flooding areas and more unlimited options.


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  • Wow! Very interesting, Joscht. I am into some aerial photograpy today, mostly estate documentation (buildings). Having this mapping capacity would be very desireable. There is one swedish company working with similar capacities, maybe they can serve as inspiration:

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    As Joscht said the software he used he made himself, It would be nice if he would make it open source but that is up to him.

  • What software are you using?

  • Anish is correct, u will put the satellite people out of business. This work is groundbreaking. May I know what UAV you had used?


  • Hello Joscht,

    We have done similar work with a multicopter and a canon s90. However on a much smaller area as we wanted to compare the outputs from photogrammetry (with photosynth) with LiDAR scans. It amazed us to see that using a relatively cheap system can give us comparable accuracy (provided we had good enough coverage and overlap between images). 

    Would you be willing to give us more details about your software? Will you be making it available as open source or in a proprietary format or not at all? Also, are you using GCPs for your image processing or only outputs from the UAV? And finally are you flying an arduplane platform or a different control board?

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    Some nice results thanks for sharing!

  • I also would like to know how you georeferenced the images. Or was this part of your software too?

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    As i said we test our own software. But you can do similar outputs with leica suit, photoscan, photomodeler, photosynth. But all these software is payware.

  • Hi Joscht,

    Could you please let us know which software did you use to join the images and how you georeferenced them?

    If possible, could you please recommend some software that I can use to do the same as you did?



  • nice! job, I would like to keep in touch with your proyect

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