Saw this fantastic story on BBC the other day.

Easyjet is developing drones to inspect its fleet of Airbus aircraft, and may introduce the flying maintenance robots as early as next year.

The drones will be used to scan and assess Easyjet planes and report damage back to engineers.

The flying robots are being developed by a team that includes experts from the University of Bristol.

Full article here Easyjet 

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  • Slightly ironic, as as long as they use it indoors in not CAA controlled UK airspace, so I guess don't need permission for commercial drone use from the CAA flying it near their commercial passenger planes...probably on an airfield :).

  • Moderator

    Becouse pole a cheap :))) And need only one person for usage and service, not a 10 or 20...

  • Vladimir, agreed. Why not mount a HD camera or the same laser on a pole?

  • Moderator

    Most idiotic usage of quadrocopters.

  • Yeah I saw that, BBC south seemed to be quite positive about civilian drones, although I still don't really like the name drone.

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