UAV Flying Wing - Scratchbuilt [added video]

Although I'm still gathering information in the field of UAVs by programming the UAV Playground, I have now designed and built this Flying Wing as a future carrier for whatever electronics I'll be using. I've tried to design it as versatile as possible by using a platform where all the electronics is velcroed on (last picture). Like that it should be possible to carry around even bulky pieces of hardware.Specification- Kline-Fogleman KFm3 Airfoil (top steps at 50% and 75% chord)- Wingspan 1240mm- Wing area 24.8dm²- Weight 430g (330g without battery)Electronics- TURNIGY 28-26B 1350Kv motor- Master Airscrew 7x4 propeller- TURNIGY Plush 25A ESC- Rhino LiPo 3S1P 30C 1050 mAh- 2 x HXT900 1.6kg/cm servo


This is the camera mount and its removable nose cone.


The back view of the Flying Wing with the motor and the KFm3 Airfoil steps visible.


Here the canopy is removed and the electronics and an Arduino are visible.Free Design Tools [update]- ProgeCAD 2008 Smart (AutoCAD clone)- Google SketchUp (3D modeling)- WinLaengs4 (CG calculation)- Estimate Electric Motor and Prop ComboFirst Flights [update]The maiden flight was absolutely unproblematic. Only a few minor trim adjustments where necessary and I increased the travel adjust for elevator and aileron to 115%. I also mixed some elevator to the throttle so that the plane now stays level on throttle up. Elevon reflex is set to 3 degrees.The reactions to the stick movements where quiet precise and it always amazes me how stable my Wings fly. Flying a curve with elevons only was a pleasure and you wouldn't have noticed the absence of the rudder in non acrobatic flying.The KFm3 Airfoil is recommended for slow flying planes and although the maximum speed is rather low the flyable speed bandwidth is more than sufficient for a UAV ship.I tested different weight configurations from 450 to 590g and there is definitely more payload potential because even at full load with a 2200mAh lipo and the camera mounted vertical climbing was still possible.Flight time was about 25 minutes with a 2200mAh lipo (1680mAh recharged).


Aerial Video Central SwitzerlandA manual non stabilized flight in gusty winds. I used a Toshiba Camileo S10 1080p HD video camera weighing 119 grams and costing about 165$.For better quality and less jerking you can download the video from Vimeo (you need an account).A flight in the Swiss mountains [update]Filmed with the Toshiba Camileo S10 in WVGA mode (848x480, 60fps, no stabilization).
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  • You can find the plans here:
    jaron's blog - RC Groups
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  • Hi there - does anyone know if there are any drawings or plans for this aircraft - I would love to build one !
  • Awesome video and beautiful wing. BTW who is it and what is the name of that music you added to your video?
  • Andy, yes I did use Depron because I can get it very cheap. I have no experience with EPP but in my opinion it should be possible to build an EPP KFm wing (with some reinforcements). I'm sure somebody has already done that. Try a search like "kline fogleman epp" on
  • Jaron, is KFm3 suitable for building with EPP? I'm thinking that might results in a more durable wing, but it might need a bit more 'spar' to it. Did you use EPS just because it was cheap and easily available?
  • Ok, just watched the trailer of 1965 "The Sound of Music". Damn, my video is a 1:1 copy of the trailers opening. I hope they are not going to sue me!
  • Nice vid, Jaron. I just came back 2 hours ago from Spain and Southern France where it was damn hot the last days. When I saw your video, I knew I was home again. For sure as soon as the cab and trailer are clean tomorrow, I go flying...
  • That's the compensation for the Californian videos I'm confronted with in the springtime, when you guys are flying in shorts while I'm still wearing gloves.
  • Well, the flying season is rather short here. We had a couple of sunny days lately but all in all there are rarely more than three days of sunshine in a row.

    I shot the video on a very calm early morning (after a party in the mountains) and neither the flight nor the video is stabilized.
  • 3D Robotics
    Gary's right: that's totally "The Sound of Music". We thought we had it good here in California, but you put us to shame!

    Congrats on a beautiful video.
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