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  • Awesome!!  :-)

  • LOL!  Love the stopsign bit!  Even looked both ways!

  • I see it also uses the OpenPilot version of ArduTacoUnwrapper too!

  • @LemaLife - Do you deliver to Incline?

  • Love the Y6 set-up.  Can you share some info about it?  Frame, motors, etc?



  • raahh too bad : /  see.. that's exactly why i hate Hobbyking ^^ !

  • That requires a small additional fee in order to purchase a 1,000,000 mah battery.  It's only about $55 on HK but it's constantly on backorder unfortunately.

  • Woops i am truely sorry LemaLife !

    You know what, i feel hungry, do you do transcontinental high speed turbo boost delivery ?  Im in Europe (approx gmt+1)  ^^

  • it's not fake!  

    good tips, will incorporate that into the next version :)

  • Ellison is right ^^ and little advice if i may, put some heating lamp over that package while in transit, you'll avoid angry customers complaining about how cold their taco was;  And on the contrary, you'll want those beers as much in the way of the wind as possible, you could even freeze it just enough flying just high enough on transit, saving a fridge at your store, some more $$  and some energy

    ps: other tip, don't allow odd numbers of beer ordered for each delivery, you can then use them to better balance the copter

    pps : in case you ask: yes i know its a fake, just needed to have a laugh, heh

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