uBlox GS-407 Antenna Problems.. (Solution)

A few batches of the GS407 (uBlox) modules came defective. This problem includes units sold by SparkFun and DIYDrones Store ... The problem seems to be around the antenna solder joins, they are weak and break easily, so any little crash may break it. You can try to solder them by removing the hard glue, but is not recommended because you will void the warranty.

If you carefully check the picture you will see three tiny gold pins, those pins support all the stress and weight of the whole antenna. The big solder balls you see are mine, not from factory...

The uBlox chipsets are intact and fully functional but they are unable to catch satellites.

If you are a victim of this situation, please send it back to me and i will chip them out to the factory for a FREE repair!

Don't send me the remains of your module if you hard crash it, your burn it or something else is not related to this issue. Only units ordered from DIYDrones Store in good conditions will be accepted.
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  • Developer

    Honestly. I don't know... But if that happens after the firmware update.. well is mostly likely the new firmware...
  • Admin
    Any thing is possible , the damage is as random as the crash/accidents.
  • Hi,
    Just after a little bit more hard landing I've upgraded ublox firmware to the latest version (6.02) and now I've got only about 8 satellites found in the best case. As i remember before upgrade it was about 12 but I don't know if it is not the case of the broken antenna joint.
    Is it possible that after solder was damaged it still locks but with less satellites than before ?

  • No problem Jordi. Just thought I would ask. Maybe I'll try an external antenna. :)
  • Developer
    Khalid Saeed, Uhh i need the antenna... How i going to explain that to the manufacturer? (We don't suppose to use them like we are doing).

    What i can do is ask for complete saratel modules... The saratel modules is the big metal square (with the code bar sticker) attached to the bottom PCB that has uBlox chip mounted... Let me ask...
  • I took the challenge and fixed mine. I've used my huge magnification lenses and my soldering iron and did the antenna soldering again (saw there were some cold soldering there). It worked, picked up satellites and got a fix.
    I was very disapointed with the unit quality and how loose the antenna became even without using or dropping the unit. I think u-blox should do a better job. It's not a cheap unit and should be a very stable and reliable one.
    It should have a better structure and antenna fix, mainly because it is made to be a mobile device.
    Also I did not think it's a very good receiver. My Iphone picks more satellites than the u-blox at the same place.
    That's MY oppinion to the group.

  • Jordi, I must have had a bad one. The antenna fell off on a (gentle) landing and disappeared into the grass. Can I send it back without the antenna?
  • Great thanks, I want to get another one for the new ArduMega
  • Admin
    Thats great, Jordi , pls post some pics of it when they come in so that all of us who have the older ones can probably make ours better too.
  • Developer
    They already fix it and improved the job... For incoming modules
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