We are proud to announce the release of a new major version of UgCS – 2.6.

The new version features many important improvements over previous versions. The main highlights are:

- You can now plan and execute missions in UgCS with DJI Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 by using UgCS desktop version together with our Android app “UgCS for DJI” available on Google Play

- Geotagging feature is now available in UgCS! Select your pictures and the telemetry data will automatically be added.

- Click and go function is now implemented. This works for the newest DJI vehicles – Phantom 3, Inspire 1, Phantom 2 Vision+ as well as 3DR vehicles using APM or Pixhawk autopilots.

- UgCS Pro now supports two new professional autopilots – Kestrel and Micropilot

Another important change we have made is that all UgCS One versions are now combined. This means that you no longer need to buy a One version for a specific autopilot. UgCS One now works with all autopilots with the exception of professional autopilots – Kestrel, Micropilot and Microdrones, which are exclusive to UgCS Pro.

Important to note is that UgCS is not using Google Earth API. As you may have heard, in December DJI will discontinue support for their PC ground station software due to it being reliant on Google Earth API. This means that UgCS will become almost the only desktop mission planning solution for DJI drones.

For more information and downloads visit our site: www.ugcs.com

Safe flights,

UgCS Team

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  • Excellent! Thank you
  • The window cannot be resized by dragging, but if you enter the Menu / Configuration / Screen Resolution, by changing the resolution the size of the window will be changed.

  • Is there anyway to resize the GUI window? Mine on windows 10 is slightly too big and cuts off the longitude and latitude window.
  • Thanks. I have a 2.4 Datalink and I will look for any used 900Mhz that people may not want....

  • Hi Marc, I can confirm that UgCS is fully compatible with DJI 900 Mhz DataLink.

    Here  you can find instructions how to connect UgCS 2.6 with A2/WKM/Naza-M v2/P2 using DJI DataLink, 2.4Ghz or 900Mhz versions.

  • Rob - The reason why need to use the Android app for the Inspire and Phantom 3 is more to do with the fact that to date these vehicles are controlled by mobile devices and the SDK is for mobile devices. I imagine the Android app is just passing through data to UgCS on the PC. Look forward to trying this out as to date I have only used UgCs for APM. Now that I have a blend of DJI and APM flight controllers (APM 2.6, VR uBrain, AUAV-X2, Naza M v2, Phantom 3 ) it really is great to be able to have one ground station. And a really one good on at that.

    Also I presume the 900Mhz radio is, like the 2.4 one, just a CAN bus device. I cannot see that DJI would be selectively disabling this device. 

    Alexey/Kristaps - you should confirm if the 900Mhz modems work with UgCS and start posting on DJI forums. There are probably a few people using these that will be happy to find another solution - and I dare say they will be even happier when they compare UgCS to the DJI PC GS. If you get confirmation can you post it somewhere prominently on your website - I will then look look out for a used 900Mhz set as they are likely going cheap now!

  • It is highly unlikely that they will issue new firmware with the purpose of making their 900 MHz Datalinks non-functional, they could face legal problems in that case. 

    So, until something like this happens, you can rely on your DJI Datalinks to continue to function as they used to. Connecting your vehicles to UgCS is very simple, just open UgCS and connect the datalink to USB port, the drone (if turned on) will be recognised automatically and shown in the interface.

    In case of any technical problems we have an excellent tech support team who reply pretty fast and are available at support@ugcs.com 

  • DJI radios will still continue to work with UgCS, so there is no need to worry about the support being cut off.

  • But with DJI shutting down their PC GCS, will the 900Mhz radio still work?  I assume they can't shut down your UgCS program.  But perhaps they could remove support for the 900Mhz radios with a firmware update to the vehicles?  It's not clear how far they are going to take this.  


  • No. "UgCS for DJI" android app used only for Phantom3/Inspire1/Phantom2V+

    With 900Mhz and 2.4Ghz DataLink UgCS works directly. Same as DJI PC Ground station.
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