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  • If you need support for another autopilot, even custom, please let us know and we could work out something together. Besides for autopilot support there is SDK available, in case you decide to create support yourself instead of ordering it from us.

  • Hi Rana,

      Currently UgCS officially supports Ardupilot-flavor of Mavlink (Planes, Rover, Copters). Other Mavlink flavors might or might not work (partially or fully) depending of how the flavor differs from the Ardupilot.

  • Can it work with any MAVLink enabled telemetry I m'n like Arducopter or so ?

  • Hi, we tested UgCS with Phantom 2 with Naza-M V2. So yes, it works.

  • Hi, will this work with any NAZA-M V2 controller?

    Thank you.


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