UPDATE: Aeromapper UAV aiframe RTF now available! Full autopilot option (with APM 2,0) coming soon...

Hi all,


We have been selling our AeroMapper UAV as a kit so far, and we are glad to announce our new Ready To Fly version is available now.  Basically this is our second option which includes installed servos, motor and ESC, batteries, RC transmitter, and even battery charger.

We have our first batch in stock. Please note that availability status change very fast for now, as this is on a first come first serve basis. Anyway within the next month our plan is to keep units in stock always ready to ship!

We are very excited to announce also that our third option will be available pretty soon, which will include ArduPilot Mega 2,0 installed and basically ready to fly!   This make the AeroMapper UAV a very hard to beat combination for a high-end fully-composites UAV for remote sensing and photomapping. This option (Option C on our website) will be priced at less than $4K !! (Including electronics, batteries, RC Transmitter, chargers, etc., camera and autopilot).


Also, in about two months our parachute recovery module will be available and can be easily installed in any of the AeroMapper UAV options, which share the same airframe.



A cool feature on our design is that all the parts are completely modular. For example, if you need to repair or change the fuselage, just easily detach the Payload Bay Module which contains almost all the electronics. This way you don’t have to uninstall or reinstall things like the autopilot, camera, ESC…. Just add the motor, elevator and rudder servos to the new fuselage, reattach the Payload Bay Module and you are back into the air in no time. This is especially helpful when you are in the field mapping or doing jobs and when time is key.  Spare parts always available in stock, at very reasonable prices.

Additional features:


- 2 piece wing for easy transport.

- Full composites (carbon fiber and fiberglass).

- Very durable and strong.

- Totally modular

- 1 hr of flight endurance with the set of batteries included (Options B and C).

- Hand-launch

- Payload bay module has a servo activated cover to protect camera lens and   electronics during landing.

- Excellent wind penetration and wide range of speeds.

- Full flaps for low speed landings.


For more information and orders: http://www.aeromao.com/the_aeromapper_uav


Videos coming soon....!!


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Comment by Dany Thivierge on May 30, 2012 at 9:33am

Way to go Mauricio!   keep us updated and we need to see video and detail pictures of the inside! 

following you in your adventure. 


Comment by Mauricio on May 30, 2012 at 9:51am

Thanks a lot Dany!  by the way, thanks a lot for all the support and service at Canada Drones! really appreciated


Comment by David M Eno on May 31, 2012 at 8:36am

That is the most inelegant solution to hauling around APM that I have ever observed.  After a few months of pulling apart bixlers.  I like it.  

Comment by Mauricio on May 31, 2012 at 9:31am

We think that a good solution to keep the price down for a full composite UAV airframe is to leverage in one of the best gliders out there (the best for the task from our point of view). We basically just created more room & protection for the payload and electronics, and reinforced an already good airframe.  Also, it`s modular.

Designing a composite UAV airframe increases the costs tremendously and is like reinventing the wheel, given the variety and amount of airplanes already in the market.  This solution keep the costs down for a fully carbon fiber airframe, which is very durable and offers high performance.

We are glad you like it!



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