[Update] DroidPlanner v0.12.3

Another major update of DroidPlanner (v0.12.3). The nice feature this time is the touch-path-planning.

The update

The new version has the following updates ( v0.12.3 over v0.11.4):

Droidplanner v0.12.3

  • Hungarian translation
  • Fix waypoint numbering issue
  • Fix problem with the chart screen in non-English versions

Droidplanner v0.12.2

  • New way of creating missions and polygons

Droidplanner v0.12.1b

  • Removing debug info that passed trough on the last release

Droidplanner v0.12.1

  • UDP support
  • Better layout on the preference screen
  • Fix the MAVLink library

Droidplanner v0.12.0

  • Add suport for direct USB connection
  • Fix Chinese translation

The video shows how to use the new path planning feature. The other nice thing is now if you don't have a telemetry board you can do a direct connection with a usb cable, to program your APM on the field.


More info

For more information I suggest the DroidPlanner Wiki page. And if you just want to know how to connect your APM board, or what android device you can use just follow the links. 

And as always if you want to help consider making a donation via paypal, or by buying this app (via the app google takes a 30% cut).

If you want to help even more, consider joining the development team, or reporting a issue/bug/improvement on GitHub.

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  • 100KM


    I wish I could try it out.  Unfortunately, neither my phone (HTC DNA) nor my tablet (HP Touchpad with CM-Tenderloin installed) appear to be able to use the usb connection to the telemetry radio.  Kudos on the app though.  It appears very polished and functional.

  • Developer


    If you have one will will probably already work.

  • 100KM

    Since you have RC control integration capability, adding support for control on the main screen would allow something like these add-on joysticks:


    It would probably only be practical for tablets, but would crank up the wow factor!

  • Nice work Arthur!  I noticed that my DroidPlanner just got updated today and now I see why!  Looking forward to having a play with it and wowing a few people, including myself, most probably!

  • Arthur, I hope you are keeping up with your studies, while you continue to amaze us with updates to the DroidPlanner! I can't wait to get airborne again and try the new version out.  Prof. Bo Barry

  • This dinamic creation of flight plans will increase the possibilities of drones a lot.

  • It would be in the HUD and also in the planning.Roger that on the AGL.
  • Developer


    For the imperial units just changing the HUD values is ok (that is easy to code)? where else they need to change?

    The AGL is coming...

  • Great new features. 

    Looking forward to testing them out. 

    I would still like to see the option to see flight data in Feet, Knots, MPH, etc..... I hate having to convert Meters. 

    Also, still can't zero altitude for AGL flight levels.

    Great work... 

  • Developer


    They should be on the Storage of your device under the folder "/DroidPlanner/Logs/". You can check where your storage folder is exactly by going to the settings menu and scrolling to the bottom.

    To download the files plug your device into a PC and open them from there.

    PS: Do you have a Nexus 7? Then try to reboot your device to see if the folder appears ( I had this problem with the nexus before)

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