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[UPDATE: I posted the wrong version of the code before. If you downloaded it, please download it again and replace it with the new code. Servo output is fixed]


I've posted a new version of the APM 2.0 beta (2.012), which includes many bug fixes and a few new features:


--Airspeed sensor (shown) is now autodetected if present. It's no longer necessary to set this in the APM_Config.h file. Since the magnetometer and GPS sensors are also now autodetected, that means that for most users there is no reason to have to fiddle with configuration files at all.


--Xbee transmissions are now improved, as are MAVLink comms. Waypoint writing and reading should now be more reliable.


--The Mission Planner has been updated and improved (adds in-flight action commands and ability to restart mission)


--Update of the Happy Killmore GCS, which also improves in-flight commands.


Known issues in this build:


--Some in-flight mission commands are not yet implemented

--Restart mission may not work

--MediaTek lock may not be detected after a cold start. Reset the board to do a warm start, after which lock should be fine.


We're planning on keeping APM in beta until after the Sparkfun AVC competition later this month, which should be a good test and opportunity to really wring it out. If all goes well, we expect to release APM 2.0 as final code around the end of the month.


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  • Hey guys,

    I tried to do a firmware update to APM 2.012 and it appeared to start loading but stopped here:





    I tried to use the terminal and just get Opened com port and not prompt.


    Any ideas?  


  • I downloaded Zip-file, and then install it with Arduino. 3 test flights, and FBW and RTL worked fine :-)
  • Hello,

    I installed APM 2.012 and after a reset I received this message: "EEPROM format version 2 not compatible with this firmware (requires 2)". Is it normal?

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    Alpo, Phil: My apologies, I had a version control screwup and posted the wrong version. I've fixed that and just uploaded a new version. Please download it again. That should work.
  • I have also same problems as Phil: FBW does not work, and also servos does not move in RTL or Stabilize modes. I have tried to install firmware several times, erased and/or reset EEPROM, but nothing helps.

    I have traditional plane with ailerons, elevator and rudder.

  • Phil. Are you sure you switched the CLI slider back to fly mode?

    Yes, and tried HW reset and power cycle after switching.

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    Phil. Are you sure you switched the CLI slider back to fly mode?

    You're right that Auto switches to Loiter if there are no more waypoints.
  • I did some quick testing and couldn't get FBW A working - no response from the servos when I tilt the plane.

    This is after doing a setup:reset in the CLI and setting up the radio. My mode setup is contained in my APM_config.h but I did check it in the CLI and it was as expected.

    Apart from 2.012, everything should be the same as I was using (updated from the trunk just prior to the 2.012 release, including the skipping last WP fix).

    The Planner GCS shows the mode following my selection from the radio (Manual, FBW A, Auto). Auto immediately changes to Loiter, I guess because I didn't have any WP set. I have GPS lock and the CGS instruments follow the plane's orientation correctly. I have the planner running on both the USB and telemetry ports.

    Reading through the posts since I was testing last night I see I may be a version behind on the Planner, but that fix is probably unrelated to my APM issue.

    I won't have time until tonight to look further, but I think I've done everything I should to make it work, so maybe someone else can try. I ran out of time and didn't try Stabilize mode.

  • Any updates on an compatible OSD release?

  • It's not unfixed, it's a feature :)


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