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  • @ Gary Mortimer thank you for sharing the link to GPS boomerang, :)
  • @Gary: Yes, I see. That little glider only has a 5 to 1 ratio, so it's a good thing it can be dropped from way high up. Thanks for that. Very interesting.
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    Thats been done many times


  • It might be cool to have a glider that contains the video camera that would be released from about 10,000 feet. The glider would have RTL capability and land much closer to where it was launched. Even with just a 10:1 glide ratio, it should be able to glide as much as 18 miles; assuming ideal conditions, of course.
  • I was thinking.Is it possible to use an air compressor to store the helium during flight?Something like reusing the helium in his gas or liquid form to control altitude?You want to go higher inflate the ballon, you want to go lower use the compressor to pump the helium in a recepient. – research, design, and engineering thinking
  • Perfect flight and perfect recovery! Congratulations
  • Nice job!!!

    It is legal, part 101 FAA regs.

    I wish I had an HD camera in 1998! This video kicks butt.
  • great work, pity that batteries are off just before landing.
    could it be possible to add a rocket which will be lounched automatically around 100000feet and make the following 200000feet to settle to the orbit?
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    Yes its legal!
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