I Have inserted the starting pass at a much needed section on Vibration Control in the ArduCopter Wiki and would very much like feedback for corrections or additions from you all.


This is  the close coupled mount that I use on my little F330 Flamewheel.

To achieve this plus and minus one tenth G vibration dampening.


In any case, please review the Vibration Control Wiki section under Assembly and give me some (constructive) feedback.

Thank You,

Gary McCray

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    Craig / Robert, each time you see a product that you cannot find, drop me an email, I can work with McMaster and carry what you need.  Chances are that many other customers will also want it!  Win-Win for all of us. 

    @Andrew, glad to see that you are stepping in on the SteadiDrones distribution.  I bet you will offer more supports and full RTF kits. At the moment my customers are still more interested in the frames only and they want to build their own but I see a growing trend of request for RTF and training on site customers.  I am sure we will have a ton of fun on these amazing frames.  

  • ^ Do you deal with them through work? [That's another fabulous source I no longer have access to, unless they've changed their "Canada policy" re individuals.] Of course somebody in the U.S. could provide them to the various 3DR distributors etc.

    And my isolation mounts for the whole electronics stack are not dissimilar in concept (I think...) to the 12mm rubber standoffs that (e.g.) Canada Drones sells (they weren't available yet when I built mine out of brass and silicone rubber). I am used to building my own stuff, but prefer to use commercial parts when I can get them (accessibility of parts, not existence, is usually my prob).

  • Gary, those blue grommets are available at McMaster Carr.  That's what I've been using with pretty good luck.  The ones rated at 0.3lb/mount.

  • Craig and Thomas, Mounting the flight control board (and the receiver for that matter) on a plate that is itself isolated is an excellent method.

    Still finding just the right grommets or isolators for it is difficult.

    Those really nice vibration dampening silicone grommets are not a readily available to consumers commercial product.

    And Duran, I know you use an exceptional motor vibration dampening scheme and achieve excellent results on your SteadiDrones, but most of the rest of us have some to considerable vibration in our multicopters and with the forthcoming advent of full inertial accelerometer based navigation, it is going to be necessary to get vibrations at the flight control board down to at least an acceptable level and for top performance down to the lowest level possible. 

    My goal is to come up with an inexpensive and easy to implement solution that will consistently result in vibration amplitudes under .05 G.

    Results like that decrease the need for filtering reducing response time and increase accuracy of response.

    This has already been achieved by a dual method incorporating an O-ring suspended platform with silicone gel under the flight control board itself.

  • @Duran, I'm at the age where months go by like days lol it seems, so yeah it was probably longer ago...but not that long ago (cached pages here?, I rarely restart etc. this PC). I need to do more research on motors etc., I never did any before because the frame pricing was a bit high for me, but at almost half (for here) what it was a short time ago, it's viable for me now (still a beginner, I got started late last "season").

    I also have my 3DR-B stack mounted on a fiberglass plate, everything is hard-mounted to the plate, and the plate is half-assed isolated. Only because it was convenient for me and seemed "good" in my mind at the time. My quad has been like that since about a month after I got it. Props balanced, but not motors, plus some other small stuff that's harder to explain since it's "unique" to my quad. There is far less than +/- 0.5g vibration in z axis, but I haven't tested it at full throttle as I never fly that way (yet). It is actually quite similar to the large pic above, if you put everything on the lower isolated plate.

  • Hi,

    i am trying to increase the dampening mass of the board by mounting it to a rubber block the size of the APM. In my Setup (Graupner 12ch, APM, 10A SimonK, 2208 1100KV, 2500mAh 3S on a 20cm arm Warthox frame) it should not affect performance at all.

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    I developed Alt_Hold with cheap unbalanced HK props and partially damaged for the most part with the apm2.0 directly mounted to the frame (plywood).

    Most of my testing is done using a 3DR quad that has unbalanced and partially damaged APC props. Now I have the APM cases I use double sided foam tape from HK.

    All my frames are rock solid with no loose parts. Other than that I don't need any special effort to get something that will hold altitude to within 20cm.

    That said, the better the vibration levels the better the copter will perform, especially when we start using it for loiter and navigation. (I am using the two copters described above for that development too)

  • Thomas, we've been flying for a while now and our drones dont move, I will try shoot a video some time.

  • I still actually dont understand why people try so hard with vibration pads, mounts etc, we've ALWAYS simply stuck our APMs directly on our airframes with simple single sided foam tape, about 6mm thick. Thats it, NEVER had any issues.

  • We'll our parts price list has them on for 15USD each, and I think we will make them available as stand alone, as there seems to be a good demand for them, let me know if you want any, order@steadidrone.com :)

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