Video - SteadiDrone QU4D

Hey again all DIY'rs, hope you are all well and having as much fun flying as we are!

Just a very quick one here, we've just uploaded a short clip of the new SteadiDrone QU4D. After taking it out for a few hours where we really through it around hard, we must say it's a pretty sweet solid quad. We've spent many hours trying to make this the easiest and most practical quadcopter to use and travel with, as high performance and feature rich as we could possible make it for what we think is a pretty good price point for a fully RTF kit with it's unique features.

As with all our systems, it's flying the trusted ArduCopter code and altough we did have a few crashes (as you'l see in the video) they were due to us having a little too much fun, no technial issues at all. Anywoo, for more info, specs etc have a look at the website

Here's the clip, please let us know your thoughts and comments, we hope you like it as much as we do. Thanks again to all the devs for the great code!

over and out.

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  • Developer

    @Robert: That's the most impressive FPV video I have seen to date, what's the secret? What camera did use? thx

  • Care to share your method, R?  Maybe you mentioned it in the Rusty/Seismic gimbal thread on the other forum..

  • Simple move the outer tube bracket to another hole possition, takes about a minutes to change this :) You guys think ?

    I'm no patent expert, but it sounds to me like that is a new idea, which should reduce any patent infringement claims made by other entities.

    I've actually got the vibration problem solved.  It's actually not very hard, it's just so many people have been doing it wrong for so long and everybody is copying eachother, repeating the same mistake. (not suggesting that's what you're doing, but many of the other big players are).  

    Here's my very first aerial video using the system.  Obviously it's completely unstabilized, no Post Stab, and the flight is not smooth.  But there is zero jello. The shake is from my inputs and the wind.   This was just a fun FPV flight in a breeze.  I was surprised how well the anti-vibration system worked.

  • Duran,

    I recommend looking into isolating the motors as a second layer of isolation.  Myself and many others have had good success with this riding the last bit of vibes that cause jello.  I didn't mean to sound harsh in my previous post - your jello is definitely better than a lot of frames.

    I would also like to see your isolation scheme as you have it now.  Also, what servo are you using for the roll stabilization?  Is it possible to lock the gimbal if it wasn't needed?

  • Developer

    I would be interested to see how you have organized the insides, arm locking, and vibration dampening. Very nice though!

  • Oh yes, keep in mind the way we've designed it is it can be setup in two different modes, the 'wide' mode where the arms are wide aprt allowing the GoPro to shoot with no props in the shots, or 'normal' mode where motors are exactly square if guys want it like that, see the two images

    3692604316?profile=original3692603894?profile=originalSimple move the outer tube bracket to another hole possition, takes about a minutes to change this :) You guys think ?

  • Thanks Leanord, so are we. A big part of it's performance is based on the brilliant code its running! :)

  • Developer

    Very nice, love the folding aspect. I am looking forward to seeing it get out there.

  • Great Video ... also like the "water drag"!!!

  • Hey Murray, thanks for the comments, please do pop me an IM :)

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