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Last year Fritzing came along as a virtual Arduino sandbox, a way to simulate a breadboard and components and run Arduino code to test the circuit. Now VirtualBreadboard, which has been around for a decade, has expanded to simulate Arduino, too. I haven't tried it out, but it looks very handy for travel coding (which I've been doing too much of lately).

BTW, I hear that Fritzing lost their German government grant, so I'm not sure what effect that will have on the project's development. It is an awesome concept, improved by the ability to order a PCB of your design, so I hope they can find other funding sources soon.

(via Makezine)

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  • Hi i am new to diydrone. I have a question VirtualBreadBoard no longer freeware and fritzing does not have the parts that i want to use for my arduino shield. Does some one make there own parts for Fritzing or does some one know a good altenatif?

  • Just had a play with VirtualBreadBoard. Seems pretty self-explanatory based on the example projects but I wonder whether there is a tutorial somewhere? The main website for VBB does not have a lot of information. Also, I couldn't find any mention of licensing conditions, does anyone know whether VBB is (and will remain) free to use ?
  • @Zak...funny, when is it NOT part of the problem - BTW it runs ok on the 32-bit version
  • For some reason, I was unable to get it to run in 64 bit windows vista. Vista could be part of the problem...
  • yeah, that's what I figured... I mean, you can emulate analog sensors (potentiometer), digital servos (if the sim can provide a I2C or SPI interface) and a GPS (with a serial terminal)... but it is really worth all the trouble? maybe is a good project for some community members looking to get involved... to create al the necessary adjustments to "simulate" a test environment...
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    So I ran it, and you're right. The only relevant components included are servos. No gyros, accelerometers, magnetometers, pressure sensors, GPS, etc. I guess that would be asking a bit much (that's more MatLab territory), but it's probably not that useful for our purposes.
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    Yes, that's always the issue with these things. They have all the standard parts, but not always the more exotic ones that we use. I'm downloading now to check it out....
  • Simulators are always a great tool for debugging quickly... but I wonder how many peripherals are available to simulate on these systems? (GPS, I2C slaves, etc.)
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