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  • I am sure that Chris is already aware of farmers needs.

    For those who doubt, this article will help them understand his approach :

    'Boring' yes that is the point, but It's not about 'showing boxe'

  • Boring and useless.

    Says nothing about the real data acquisition. What data are they capturing? How often? Are the data usefull, can the farmer use them to correct/enhance farming (without spending much more money)? 

    These are the questions they never answer!

    Keep showing boxes with auto-landing quadcopters and the "future of farming" will soon became the past! Any serious farmer knows better than this...

  • still pretty boring.

    as you mentioned - a vtol would be more appropriate.

    having  a closer look at the massiv box also makes clear: you def. need a tractor to move the box.

    and maybe you should switch over to saltwater crocodile spotting.

    haven't seen anyone doing it it.

    but i am not living in australia.

  • @robert - Very inspiring IMHO. I've been pushing this concept here in Australia for farming and shark spotting for years  but people seem more interested in using consumer drones to manually do things so they can get publicity than doing real innovative work like this. It would be nice to see something like this with VTOL fixed wing to get better flight time but it certainly looks like a great concept to me. 

  • I wonder what data do farmers collect now, that could be delivered more efficiently with an automated drone like this. I know that multispectral images are used, but is this the kind of data used by a group of farmers that would by an expensive system like this? Is it used regularly by most of the farmers, or just in the largest companies? What is the biggest benefit of using a drone on a farm? Was it tested to be cost effective? 

  • not seen much on the video.

    inspiring is what?

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