Today i recived this mail , I would share it with the member of Dev Team , Thanks a lot :)

It is with great pleasure that I send you this news.
There has been a project in Portugal in which an autonomous boat and hexacopter cooperate for monitoring of rivers.

We just recently have been mentioned in Hack a Day
The hexacopter uses the VrBrain as it's controller, and some additional hardware. I thought you would be happy to know about this usage of the VrBrain and maybe help share it.
Thank you so much for reading and for all the work you have put into this.
 Paulo Rodrigues


Thank you too Paulo and at your team for this great work :) 


This is the Post on hackaday :)




Every once in a while we get a tip for a project that really, really, really blows our minds.This is one of them.

It looks like a basic catamaran with a few extra bells and whistles — except it is so much more than that. You’re looking at a fully Autonomous Surface Vehicle, complete with a piggybacking 6-rotor UAV. It’s decked out in cameras, sonar sensors, laser rangefinders, high accuracy GPS-RTK tracking, an IMU, oh, and did we mention the autonomous 6-rotor UAV capable of taking off and landing on it?

It all started out as a simple experiment within ECHORD (the European Clearing House for Open Robotics Development), and since then it has become a fully funded project atUNINOVA, a Centre of Technology and Systems in Portugal.

The purpose of the mind-blowing robot team is to collect data of river environments — think of it as Google Maps 2.0 — which is almost an understatement for what it is capable of.

You seriously have to watch the video after the break.


original blog post :

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  • Awesome...


  • Developer

    Yeah, that is amazing.  Really great stuff!

  • Admin


    Yep for a change from regular stuff, this is inspiring and amazing project. Wishing the Paulo and team best wishes and good luck.  Happy to see DiyD hardware finding its way into serious projects like this and making the difference without Million $  budget.  Inspires every one in chain.

  • Absolutely amazing.

  • This is amazing!
    I'm proud of you guys!

  • MR60

    Inspiring & excellent!

  • Excellent project. Would be good to understand how the data gained in this project is used to get an understanding of the economic viability of this project. The integration of different technologies and hardware is impressive.

    Would be great to see this technology used to map the Amazon from a different perspective.

    They should also talk to river management bodies in Europe, especially if they have important ports. Those rivers are subject to agreements to keep depths at acceptable levels and sometimes it accumulates 1-2 meters in 3 weeks to 3 months already (in certain parts). They send hoppers/barges to locations where they first measure with a survey boat+crew. Those measurements utilize some specialized equipments to measure through the initial mud layer, which is more water than mud.

    An autonomous boat like this can theoretically sail day and night, especially if it has an established map of the environment. That sonar data can then be used to see if there are any surprises in sediment buildup.

  • WOW ! Really impressive!

  • Moderator

    Wow this is cool stuff! Well done.

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