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  • Skippy, fantastic!
    I would like to submit in place of the seeing eye dog, how about a drone operated by a dog well versed in mission planner?

    Of course, the drone being his eyes should be tethered to the guy's neck.

    Very low using an animal that has no understanding as to what is going on and the danger it is being subjected to, just for his 15 minutes.
    Shame...Shame on him.

    Is there anyone that feels that irresponsable, unsafe usage of any RC craft should be condoned, not promoted and reported to the authorities.
    At the end of the day it will be us, pilots and suppliers collectively that will pay the price for those who are not using their intelligence and common sense.
  • In the end, he has a seeing eye dog leading him that is full circle.

  • Not very smart. Not safe for the animal in the video. This should not be presented as something positive.
    I would hope the whole thing was staged.

    Just an idea for an entertaining video showing the use of the new technologies available.

    How about the person who made this video is arrested by a drone for animal cruelty. As he is being read is rights, "by the drone of course" the GPS glitches and flies right into he face, as a result of this he looses his sight. By some chance the whole thing is captured on someone's smart phone. He sues the law enforcement agency for millions and in turn the law enforcement agency sues the drone manufacture.

    Does anyone know if the dog in the video signed a waiver?

    If so, I take it all back.
  • Poor pup, that's animal cruelty.

  • Obviously it is the dog that walk the multirotor. Another example of a stupid guy and a multirotor. Compliments to the dog's patience. This is right the thing we do not need at all in this moment.

  • Looked like a balloon to me.
  • Dumb and unsafe. I have seen an example of great danes actually wanting to jump up and grab the flying bees. YOu cant tell how animals will react to machines and mixing the two like this is asking for trouble.

  • Yeah, our dog would have been dragging that drone along behind it on the pavement as it struggled to get airborne again. We would find it, and him a day later wrapped around a tree half a county away.

  • There wasn't anything about GPS or autonomy, just a dog animation on a google map, but he'll get a billion views & a $5 billion buyout offer.

  • Running dog on the map is genius.

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